Five names for the first round

I assume most won’t differ much on their fives, just the order you prefer them. For the purposes here, I am going to assume Bosa and Quinnen Williams are taken:
Josh Allen OLB/Edge
Devin White ILB
Mack Wilson ILB
Deionte Thompson FS
Montez Sweat Edge

DeAndre Baker CB, Byron Murphy CB and Greedy Williams CB belong there but I deem CB less important than the edge players and LB’ers and replacing Quin becomes important, too.

Names I do not like are Ferrell and Gary. Ferrell has had a lackluster year and I think Gary’s top five priorities are Rashan Gary, what you can do for Rashan Gary, Rashan Gary’s brand, Rashan Gary’s sports franchising and marketing everything Rashan Gary. Somewhere maybe in the top fifty comes football and that means your investment in him means nothing. I think the Lions deserve a player committed to football and watching him at Michigan was a long waiting game. It just seems that way. I kept waiting for that number one talent to assert itself. Someone I spoke with claims that was due to playing out of position. But for right now, it takes him off my list.

I like a different guy. His name is Trade Down Five Spots. He’s a baller.

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Draft boards will move all around. Jachai Pollite may jump into our neighborhood after combine…but yeah, to me it had better be a front 7 defender

Sweat at 8 is a reach. I’d rather have Polite and I don’t even love the value of Polite at 8.

Simmons is a much better player than Sweat but then you have the whole HS domestic violence situation. If not for that Simmons might be a top 5 guy or close to it

Who is Simmons?

And I agree about Sweat. I think i prefer Ferguson over sweat but not at 8. Although I don’t like the motor on Ferguson. He gives up early on too many plays for a 1st rounder.

I want Oliver DT if he makes it to us.

Otherwise, White LB.

No chance Jonah Williams is there, but if we can get him, that would fix the LT position for 10+ years. We reset the cheap price on LT when Decker has to leave.

For Jonah Williams, I don’t see it but it’s a good idea.

I have seen Sweat taken high as two and three.

I like Quinnen Williams, Jeffrey Simmons and Ed Oliver, but unless it is a game changer we have to pay attention to the edge with Ansah likely gone.

Not high on Polite, rather get Josh Allen.

I think Wilson and White are the best LB’ers in the draft.

Have to think about WR but maybe later in the draft.

Allen is the ONLY guy on your list I would consider at #8.

CB is definitely in play at #8. We had Slay and then a bunch of back up CB’s at the position. Opposing offenses standard 3rd down play was “Find #24 and throw the ball his way”.

White & Thompson are options if we trade down.

Wilson may be available in 2nd.

I don’t think I’d take Sweat in the 2nd round.

Allen will be the third guy off the board, so Bosa, Williams and Allen. After that you will have a QB, maybe Jonah Williams and Greedy Williams. After that you have Simmons, Ferrell, Baker, White, Polite, Sweat, some others like The safety Thompson, a WR in Brown, Byron Murphy. Like it or not all the elite talents will be gone, the Lions and everyone else will be selling. Buyer’s market so then you get to take the best fit from a range of players. Best hope is QB silly teams want to trade up.

Honestly, I don’t know the prospects. I feel like I’m the only one who feels like we should still go OL? TJ & Wagner need to be upgraded.

No, Jonah Williams is a blue chip LT and I’ve advocated taking him (but that was when I thought we were picking top 5… Stupid Lions can’t even tank right.)

I think we will do that in the 3rd round or lower.

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Don’t mind the Jonah Williams talk. Here’s the rub though.
1st round tackle, Decker
1st round guard, Ragnow
1st round tackle, Williams? Lots of draft capital investment in the OL. I am not against it but dayum.

Yeah, a DE I hope.

1st round G.

1st round C

1st round T

in 3 of 4 years.

= Good OL

Not Lions.

They also have rookie contract QB.

I’d trade the entire draft for a starting quality CB and pass rusher.

There was a big part of me rooting for that scenario too.

Let’s do this! TJ looked to be a good move on paper, but he’s never on the field. That position needs to be upgraded, as well as Wagner (too injured and aging).

Jalen Ferguson and Montez Sweat are surging.

Wagner only missed one game in 2018 and just turned 29 during the season. I’d agree he’s not worth his contract, but he’s a good starting RT who has trouble with speed rushers.

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