Five Takeaways From Our Investigation Into America’s Groundwater Crisis

Eventually, there’s going to be another push against the Great Lakes Compact to “share” water with other states which have used up all theirs.

The Compact Council includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Regional Body includes the eight Great Lakes states plus Ontario and Québec.

Water is the new oil. Who wants to share some water with Arizona?

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I do find the alfalfa story amazing. Literally in essence shipping our water over seas.


All about greed

We are the only species that has to pay to stay on earth and we have no clue how to share ….

The water doesn’t belong to the states or people…. But boy do act like we own it and can do whatever we want regardless of any mega rice consequences….

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It’s real.

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No doubt.

Reminds me of this article about the Hawaii fire

While this thread may pertain to America’s ground water, this is a global issue that must be reckoned with. Just put it on the pile of Earth problems that need fixing. Thank you, Next Generation, for understanding.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Lions programming…
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yep that saudi deal pisses me off highly. just like the nestle deal with michigan. pennies. basically stealing water because it makes certain people a whole lot of money. I’d say unfettered capitalism but there is government work assisting as well.


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