Fix the offense first!

I think @wesleysh21 was saying something to this effect before.

The offense has Goff, Swift, Hock, Decker, Glasgow, but no WR’s. I think the offense is closer to being competitive than the defense…but I don’t think the defense is as bad as they showed last year either.

I think the defense with a better scheme will automatically be better, even with the current players.

Let’s get us Chase or Waddle in the first, possibly tag KG, resign Sanu for cheap, and hopefully Bo-Cephus will make a jump this year.
And then draft some defense later.


We have Ragnow. Glasgow is now in Denver and our consolation prize Was Vaitai


Yes to all of this. I’m thinking KG may be too injured and expensive. I’m behind whichever decision they make w/him. I see lots of potential directions to go @ WR.
-Bring back KJ and get a rook
-Bring back jones and get a rook
-2 rooks? (a more scary option, but could definitely see it working out)
-Rook plus FA? IMO, only if it’s cheap.

Absolutely Yes to fixing O first. If we stay @7, I’m in on Waddle. Would rather trade back, still get a playmaker @WR, Get a stud WR, and get a stud OT, if possible, all in the first 2 rounds.

…after that, you have my permission to go defense.

Shake’n’Bake, Holmes!
Get it done, bruh!

I want the offense fixed first too, because that’s the side of the ball where we’re obviously closest.

We don’t need to fix the entire defense this offseason. We have I’d say at least 2 offseasons to do that. Everyone that thinks we’re an entire defensive offseason away from the playoffs needs to drop that. Maybe we are, but that would give us a defined ceiling at a first round playoff exit and no ability to add elite talents through the draft. We need an elite side of the ball too. I’m talking top 5 in the league unit. That’s probably going to be the offense, so let’s make that our strength.

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My biggest driver for fixing the offense is because if Goff fails…thats where our resources are going to go anyways to find a new QB and surround him with weapons. So we mind as well get Goff those weapons now, instead of wasting time and $25M.


Sorry, yes Ragnow, not Glasgow. I got my Gow’s mixed up.

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This draft seems to be loaded with ol rb and wr. You can fix the offense this year.
Then you have 4 no 1s and 2- 2s the next two years to fix the defense. I have been seeing it may be a 3-4. A trade down from 7 could net lions another 2/4 if thats possible they could get a couple defensive players in there. speedy lbs would be my preference.
Tagging and trading golladay would probably be the way to go if they truly are gonna tear it down to the studs.


Added benefits
-Rook set up to succeed in a system that’s already in place, should Goff fail.
-Goff may succeed
-Protects the health of Swift
-Keeps punter rested :wink:

To me, this is the most long-sighted approach.
Every QB in Lions history has been set up to fail (Except for Andre Ware, who apparently couldn’t beat out Peete).
This is a culture change that would actually have a system and personnel in place that a QB could succeed in, should we bring in a new guy.

That’s been the approach I’ve been suggesting since a day or two after the Goff trade.

Build the offense. Fix Goff. Then address the defense.


Normally I’d be against a WR in the top 10, but when you look at our roster, we don’t have any WR’s and that doesn’t work in the modern NFL.

With Hock and Swift, we should be able to hit the flats and passes over the middle, but we desperately need a home run threat to take the top off the defense and give the safeties something to worry about deep. Cephus could potentially be a possession WR, but he’s not a burner at all and will not stretch the defense. Adding a downfield big play burner at WR, will open up the middle of the field for Hock and Swift even more. It will also help the running game by keeping safeties out of the box.

If I were building a team I would want to first draft the guys that take the longest to develop, ideally. There is always other factors, but if you can find extremely talented players at positions that take longer to develop like QB, CB, DE its usually better. Usually a RB, LB or DT is plug and play in the NFL. Not that there isn’t room for development.

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I feel like Devanta Smith is the best guy for that. He not only puts pressure on the DBs and safeties over the top, his ability to catch shorter balls and run with it puts pressure on the LBs to know where he’s at as well.


After watching Smith’s 1st half performance in the national championship, I came away very impressed, the dude wasn’t just getting open, he was open by 5 yards almost every play vs Ohio State. Waddle’s burners would give us that Tyreek Hill type of speed, that’s hard to turn down as well.

The good news is we have options, including a trade down option and still get a talented WR.

It’s just such smooth effortless speed. It would seem to me that it’s kind of hard for defenders to gauge his speed leading to bad angles, slow pivots out of back pedals, etc.

It reminds me of Randy Moss.

I can see that but I don’t think he’s THAT good of an athlete. The gap between Randy Moss and the next most talented WR that I’ve ever seen is probably greater than at any other position.

Smith at 7 is totally fine by me. He’s going to be really good right away. His build doesn’t really scare me much. He’s supposed to be a world class citizen and teammate to boot. Both Smith and Harris’ character are absolutely gushed about by Alabama folk.

I’ve got Barry.
LT, after that (the real LT)

When I watch him play and then go watch other receivers against common opponents, Smith’s speed just jumps out. And like Randy, its so damn effortless. I feel like there are plays where Waddle and Chase make a good play, but Smith takes the same type of play to the house.

I realize body build is always a concern, but Justin Jefferson didn’t seem to have a bunch of issues and he’s a skinny dude too.

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I’m really not worried about Smith’s build. Never have been.

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Jim Brown says hold my :beer:

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