Flashback Friday - Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles 12/8/13

Hi, Lions fans! I wanted and had to post this because I vividly remember the last time the Lions played a regular season road game in Philadelphia. Both teams played the game in the snow blizzard at Lincoln Financial Field back on December 8, 2013. Lions took their last lead of the game early in the fourth quarter, but LeSean McCoy tied the game for the Eagles at 20-20 almost two minuites later. Eagles scored two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win over the Lions 34-20.

I can safely say the weather and the elements is expected to be much better, and both teams should have more mobility running through a clear football field instead of through the slush of snow and ice, and not see the frequent maintenance of the groundskeepers this time and game at the Linc.

Sunny and clear skies at 85 degrees, and feeling like 87 degrees, is the local gamecast for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff from the Linc, and this game is on the Week 3 schedule in 2019, instead of the Week 14 schedule in 2013.

Lions will try to win at the Eagles in Philadelphia as they won there before the year prior in 2012, and GO LIONS!!!I

2013 Lions @ Eagles Game Highlights:

2013 Lions @ Eagles Complete Game:

Still one of the most fun games Ive watched on tv. I know we lost, but this game was a riot and it looked like the players were having fun as well. Reminded me of backyard football in winter, instead of pads it was parkas, hat and gloves and go

That’s the game I COMPLETELY gave up on Chris Houston. The receiver ran him right out of the endzone. It was Orlovsky-esque as he gave up a TD.

Jackson stepped out of bounds, so it was illegal for him to catch the football.

He’ll still always be O’Houston to me.

Was this the game where the Eagles player slid in the snow at the end of the game instead of running in for a TD?

I was at that game. Drove down from NY with wife and remember telling her “Only light dusting expected” as I had been watching forecast for days. A normally 45 minute drive to Delaware afterwards took 2 1/2 hours. But game was fun in many ways, though we spent most of 4th quarter inside.

It looked like McCoy and Ross were the only ones wearing snow tires. Those Ross returns were great, but gassed our defense at the same time.

I also remember that they weren’t even calling for snow that day lol.

I just watched that whole game. Ross was outstanding. 2 TDs for Ross. 1 TD for the offense. And it was a short field.

Wasn’t that the game where Bell fumbled going in for a score that would have basically clinched the game?

That’s such a lions thing to let one mistake lead to a string of follies leading through chaos to disaster

Bell fumbled early in the game.

1st fumble - 2nd & 12, ball on Eagles 28. 1st qtr 4:58 left. Score 0-0. Eagles went 3 and out on next drive.

2nd fumble - 3rd & 7, Eagles 10. 2nd qtr 14:21. Score 0-0. Eagles, again, go 3 and out.

Those two, if TDs, might have taken the wind out of their sails. However, that was Nick Foles, future super bowl MVP in at QB for the Eagles. and the Eagles did win by 14 even though we had 14 point lead in the 3rd…

The one TD drive we had was a very short drive thanks to a Houston pick that he took to the 20.

The other scores were 2 TD returns by Ross.

I’m not sure I blame Bell for this. There was plenty of game left when he fumbled. Stafford was dropping exchanges all day, that ball was slickery.

Not blaming Bell for the loss. Just saying that’s all I remember from memory alone. That and a shitload of snow. And sitting in Coachs yelling at the TV

It was us doing Lions Math. “if only Bell had scored those TDs, they’d have given up hope” kind of thing.

ha! A lot of lions math was done and PBRs consumed in Coachs over what…about 15 years of lions watching there? Crazy

Beers and Tears.

Too bad their breakfast sucks now. Back in the day was huge portions and decent price.

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