Flowers de-pupped, other personnel moves

Trey Flowers activated from PUP. Lions also signed QB Josh Johnson and RB Justin Stockton, moved WR Jermaine Kearse and DT Darius Kilgo to IR.

Good to see Flowers activated, maybe he’ll play in Houston. Not really that important though, as long as he’s good to go in Arizona.


I hope he doesn’t play in Houston. I can’t believe how many injuries we get every year. I played for four years in High School, and almost zero injuries for any of us. Most guys literally never missed a game.


Was that back in the leather helmet days? I played HS ball back in the 60s when most guys weren’t over 200 lbs, not at our small school level anyways. I was an OLB, 165 lbs of fightin’ fury. Couldn’t outmuscle anybody, but I could sure as hell run around 'em.

That’s funny, Wise. I could tackle well, but any WR or RB would outrun me. I was MLB.

The Middle School kids I coached would have beaten most of the high school teams I played on and against. 225 kids trying out for football in the 7th and 8th grade.

Why is it whenever I see this thread I see it as ‘Puppies de-flowered’

Reminds me of the dyslexic insomniac theologian - Who stays up all night pondering the existence of dog