Flowers, Longa put on PUP

This part is good news:

Activated from Active/NFI:

  • J. Atkins
  • A. Bryant
  • P. Johnson
  • R. Pope

Activated from Active/PUP:

  • C. Lacy

This part not so much:

Placed on Active/PUP:

  • T. Flowers
  • S. Longa

Signed as a free agent:

  • TE Austin Traylor (@GroovyBabyAT)

I believe Flowers has a shoulder issue, Longa has a knee problem. Unknown details about how bad or how long either player is out.

Traylor is probably here today and gone next week, as Quinn brings players in to get some idea of what they can do, ad then brings in somebody else. The idea is to build a database of players that might be available during the season if injuries strike hard at a particular group. There’s still a couple of days before the vets report.

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God, the injuries are piling up.

It’ll be a deal if Flowers comes in healthy.

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Flowers had offseason shoulder surgery. Makes sense.

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OK, nerds… who remembers why the team does this with PUP? Not the long-term guys that you know will not be practicing and needs to be on PUP so they don’t take a roster spot guys… But if I remember correctly, there’s a technical reason why Quinn does the PUP thing with these guys for a day or two to start each year. I just can’t remember what the reason (contractually?) is.