FMIA--Post-Draft Edition

The top two on the Raiders draft board appear to have been the same as the Lions:




And some words of wisdom for those lamenting the Lions “reaching” for “their guys” instead of the perceived value of certain players:

Peter King: What if I told you that 25 of the 32 players in round one, 2020, were somewhere between solid starters and total flops? Would you be less inclined to treat the first round like the franchise-saving national holiday it’s become?

The Cardinals-Raiders trade discussions:

Ziegler and McDaniels stared at the trade-value board in the back of the room, analyzing trade possibilities—the values, plus or minus for the Raiders, based on the numerical values Ziegler assigns to each pick:

1-7 down to 1-12

Potential Counters

+177 ARI sends 2-33, LV gives back 4th (109)

+68 ARI sends 2-33 and 6-213, LV gives back 3-100 and 4-109

+30 ARI sends 2-33, LV gives back 3-70

At 5:37 p.m., Anthony Richardson, the Florida quarterback, got picked by the Colts. The third quarterback was off the board. McDaniels beamed. He and Ziegler slapped hands. Now the Raiders were sure to get one of their four guys.

5:42 p.m.: Cards GM Monti Ossenfort called Ziegler. Hushed discussion, presumably exchanging potential offers for the pick. Then Ziegler and McDaniels huddled. Having the 12th and 33rd overall picks, to go along with the Raiders’ 38th choice, would be tempting. “We could get [Oklahoma tackle Anton] Harrison at 12,” McDaniels said. The Raiders loved Harrison—not as much as Johnson, but enough maybe to lose the fourth non-QB they love in order to pick up the 33rd pick. They mulled.

The phone went cold for a few minutes. Seemed obvious Ossenfort wanted Paris Johnson. He had to be dealing with Detroit, trying to get ahead of Vegas to ensure getting Johnson.

5:47 p.m.: Witherspoon to Seattle at five. Detroit up. No action on Ziegler’s phone. Not surprising, assuming Arizona was targeting Johnson.

5:50 p.m.: Tinny voice from Draft HQ: “Detroit has traded its pick to Arizona. Arizona is on the clock.” For Vegas, there goes day-one starting right tackle Paris Johnson.


You missed on the most important part of the article. Paris Johnson was the number 1 player ranked on the Raiders board and the Cardinals needed to jump in front of the Raiders in order to get him. Curious part is the had him a Right Tackle.

Love these types on insights. Wish someone would go back and talk to Matt Millen and run through all the drafts and talk about conversations that took place and who got taken before them that they would have drafted.

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I always love King’s insight after the draft. Always leaves me wanting more though. I feel like he usually has more draft nuggets of good value. This year was fairly weak IMO. The best part about post-draft time is hearing about who teams were wanting to take and who sniped who. Love that stuff.

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