Football optimism and open-mindness! Kicker makes History Baby!

Sarah Fuller listed atop Vanderbilt’s depth chart, could kick vs. No. 9 Georgia (

Just like given her a shot; lets try to give Bev a real shot too!

This is pretty awesome!!

Did you watch the kick in the last game? It travelled about 20 yards.
Just a lame publicity stunt by the coach to try to save his job. It didn’t work.


Einstein failed 2999 time before making the light bulb! Just sayin’!!

And, I dont see her going to the NFL… its just nice to see the open-mindnedd to try something new and that is non-traditional

Einstein failing has nothing to do with the fact that she can’t kick a football very far. One is a physical skill and the other is not.
I mean, I could try kicking for 20 years and not be able to make a FG of any sort of distance.

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or… being the 1st ever female kicker to ever enter a game like this - making history in front of the world’s eyes and not wanting to fail… got to her …

and, i say that, not seeing the kick you are referring too… but, again, benefit of doubt.

I believe the kick was an attempted onside kick, that’s why it looked so poor. However, I do think this was a bit of a publicity ploy as well. Unnecessary Roughness style. It didn’t hurt anyone, and it gave her a chance to play in a college football game. I don’t really have a problem with this move. They didn’t have any other kicker available, so it’s not like someone got benched just to play a girl. They found what they felt was their best option on short notice.

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An absolute embarrassment. She also made a speech at halftime. The coach also got fired after the game. I really feel for all of the players on that team. Her winning special teams player of the week is a disgrace. This is just more manufactured woke garbage.


Besides, it was Edison not Einstein!


lol - sweet!! see i am not perfect in anyway or shape or form!!

UR Rong…

No, Iggy is not wrong.
Mason was trying to save his job by appealing to the woke crowd.

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It’s ok… we are all wrong at some point… beauty of imperfect people!

I like the idea she put herself into a spot that allowed her to be used in a game as a player… it’s about her not him!

LOL - Glad you took it the right way! I grew up halfway between where Einstein worked and where Edison worked. Unfortunately, none of the genius rubbed off.

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The fact that she gave them a halftime speech is utterly hilarious. They were losing 21-0 at halftime and a female kicker who joined the team earlier in the week gave the entire team a half time pep talk, hahaha. Can you imagine the reaction of the players in the locker room, so ridiculous.

And did the coach tell her to give a halftime speech? I can’t imagine her actually wanting to lecture players at halftime, especially since she joined the team 2 days before.

It was nothing more then clicks and views. Venderblit is the worse team in d1, do you think a team like Alabama, OSU, Clemson, ND and tons other would do this?

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Agree she was manipulated - but she still made the team to begin with

Props for her… not so much for a coach

Forget it, he’s rolling

Looks like a bunch of players are opting out of their last game. Can’t blame them.

LOL - read the last sentence of the article you posted but didn’t read