Football Outsiders comments re Kerryon & Stafford

Stafford was great; Kerryon, not so much.

What am I missing besides the fact that they have a very bizarre way of rating RBs???

Johnson had one very, very bad carry (a fumble on first-and-goal from the 1 that is tied with Austin Ekeler’s fumble on first-and-goal from the 1 for the worst unadjusted carry of the year), but was otherwise quite effective on Kansas City, gaining 125 yards on 26 runs. He had eight first downs on the ground, four of them gaining 10 yards or more, and was only stuffed four times

I don’t see what the real issue is that he got the ball 26 times and avg’d 4.6 yards a carry. At the end of the day he was effective and did what we needed him to do…fumble aside.


Exactly. But they have some convoluted, common core math based stat that makes him the worst running back in the NFL last week LOLOLOLOZZZZ :rofl:



KJ carry is worse than Ekeker’s bc of the return IMO.

The reason that he ranks so poorly using this metric is likely bc of how historically bad the Chiefs run defense is.

They were giving up 6.2 YPC going into the game. 4.6 YPC against the Chiefs is the equivalent of 3.56 YPC against us and we’ve been bad against the run so far this year


I mean I guess sure, but at the end of the day he ran for over 100 yards, moved the ball well enough that Stafford had time in the pocket on PA and KC couldn’t commit fully to defending the pass. He didn’t run for 3.56 he ran for 4.6…i get what your saying that this could spell trouble down the road vs stiffer run defenses…but at this point that speculation because we have a good run blocking offensive line and KJ is dynamic and has played enough games thus far in his career to show that the first 3 games of this year had more to do with stacked boxes then it had to do with KJ’s ability. I don’t care if they keep stacking the boxes and he continues to avg 3.6 ypc just means Matthew will keep shredding the single coverage across the board. Defenses will have to pick their poison.

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I don’t care what kind of logic/formula people want to apply. When a guy runs for 125 yards in a game he ISN’T the worst RB in the NFL that week. Not by any legitimate measurement

He just isnt


It’s apparently an exercise in relativism.


And a irrelevant stat.

I bet if you took that to Patricia and Bevell and said…“Look KJ was the worst running back in the NFL Sunday” they wouldn’t agree.

They would surely agree that he should not do what he did and extend the ball though.

This is a stat made by people for people that have nothing better to do because nobody besides them GAF about it.

But I guess that is why they are “Football Outsiders”…because nobody inside the game cares about their bizarre stats LOL

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That’s exactly why.

Edit. Mahomes had the worst game of his career, but he gets a big DYAR bump from playing the Lions and was ranked 4th.

6 games against CHI, MIN, GB and KJs ability to run or not will be clear.

Im guessing he doesn’t run well and that may be him, the run blocking, scheme, or something else.

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Doesn’t run well as in he gets 100 yards+ but this made up convoluted stat is bad like this week?

Or doesn’t run well in the real world?

Because obviously the two have nothing in common

They must believe in Detroit’s defense giving Mahomes a higher DYAR than Stafford for the day

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Wasn’t defending the formula, just attempting to explain the result. I thought KJ played pretty well aside from the fumble. Probably B/B+ excluding that one play. Was kind of a take what the defense gives you effort as best I can recall.

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To be honest part of the reason I was so hard of him yesterday is because he is such a bright kid with a really good football mind. He’s not the one I’d expect to do that

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I don’t think he thought it through then did it

I think it was just competitive mindset taking over and a spontaneous thing. Trying to score

Unfortunately he learned a hard lesson that he probably won’t repeat. Remember Joique Bell did the same thing in Chicago on a dive over the top.

But let’s be honest… Even though KJ made a bad play and fumbled it was inexcusable by the rest of the team that the guy was able to pick it up from behind the pile, in the end zone and then run 102 yards with nobody tackling him. When Joique Bell did it the Bears didn’t return it all the way for a touchdown

You can blame KJ for the fumble and the loss of our touchdown but you can’t blame him for the fact that nobody touched the ■■■■■■■ guy for 102 yards when he picked the ball up behind the line of scrimmage. That, their 7 points, is on the other 10 players that were on the field no matter how hard you keep trying to blame K J for that

The entire offense learned a hard lesson on that play that I don’t think will be repeated

KJ ran great and he was exciting to watch outside the fumble, but this asshat apparently doesn’t understand that Bevell used KJ as a blocker heavy to start off the season OR KJ would have next to 100 more yards tacked onto his current ones.
KJ has good vision and power and elusiveness. and he can score TD’s, is a willing and good blocker, and has decent hands as well. I could care less what some nerd from Football Insiders thinks.

Kerryon is sooo close to breaking out. Its frustrating because you can see it. He makes people miss to get back to the LOS. Great trait. But where he is killing me is when he breaks through to the second level and makes a bad read. Where he could have ran for 40 he runs for 9 or 10 because he cut the wrong way.

I think you guys take some of this personally when it’s not meant to be.

Based on the ranking of the opponent and the # of carries, the production doesn’t match the prediction. No biggie. This isn’t a dump on Kerryon. KJ’s numbers fell short of what you might expect, based on their weakness and our number of carries. One might conclude that Reid had an emphasis on stopping the run this week, which would be further bolstered by their pass defense giving up a 118 qbr.

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