For once, the Detroit Lions got the breaks to win, so let's enjoy it

Enjoy it.


Normally we’re the one’s bitching about a ball that didn’t bounce the right way. That’s been the story for the last 30+ years. But the bottom line is that in the history of THIS forum, we’ve always agreed on at least one thing: this team has always struggled to find a way to win, while their opponent has always gotten the better of them. Well, we’ve found a way the last two games, not playing our best, and still coming away with a win.

We’re 3 games in, and could just as easily be 3-0.

Maybe KC wipes the floor with us. They’re doing that to everyone. Or maybe we play a complete game and give them hell.

Either way, I’ll take where we’re at, in a season where frankly no one had expected much from us.


The Eagles got some breaks, too. Two teams played ugly. We played just pretty enough.

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We beat two playoff teams in a row, so I’m going to enjoy it. I thought 1-3 or 0-4 was possible to start the season, if not likely, and we’re one bad timeout away from 3-0. I’m not sure we’re good enough to win pretty games like the elite teams, so I’ll gladly take some hard-fought ugly W’s. We’ve got time to clean things up and improve too, especially considering it’s game 3 of a new offense.

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Good to see you HBB!

You as well, Notfshnsunday! I haven’t been active in recent years, but I’m happy to see the true Den alive and well.