For those of you at SoFI yesterday

What was it like? It was hard to tell from TV, since both teams colors were the same. The announcers didn’t say much, but it SOUNDED as though more than half were for our Lions.

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Hard to tell based on colors, but Lions fans were much louder than chargers fans. I’d guess it was 40% Lions fans. Maybe a bit more.

There was a really big contingent of Lions fans around the tunnel where the Lions players come in and out.


SoFI is by far the best stadium I have ever been to. The scoreboard is an actual marvel to look at. It is kind of a hybrid stadium that has clear panels for the roof but has open ends. It was hot in the stadium yesterday, almost uncomfortable. That was my only negative.

As for the Lions fans, I was blown away by how many there were there. I think I mentioned that I got sideline passes for the game and it was once in a lifetime opportunity. Got pictures with all the Lions pregame and looking up into the stands, it was definitely a huge sea of Lions fans. Heard a couple “Let’s go Lions” chants and it got loud on a couple 3rd downs for the Chargers. Charger fans said that it is like that for all their home game, opposing teams usually out number Charger fans.

Also, there are these weird luxury boxes on the field that has to have terrible sight lines (see picture). One was right behind the Lions bench. They were all Lions fans in it, pretty cool.

After the Lions game, we then hit up the Lakers game afterwards, so a pretty awesome day for my son and I to experience.



My 4th time to Sofi. 1st time seeing a game. Metallica and the RHCPs the other three. It’s like you’re in a greenhouse. Kinda cool.


Sorry to tease you guys with the fancam thing in the GDT. My Rams update theirs for every home game, but the lame-ass Dolts apparently haven’t uploaded one since their stadium debut (w/ fans in attendance) in 2021…lol…
Spanos is probably too cheap to pay for it. Maybe the lack of fan support is too embarrassing to show in hi-def. SD had trouble filling a 27k seat soccer stadium before SoFi opened.

I definitely heard Lion chants & crowd roar in the 3rd Q.

PS calling them SD was not a typo. Intruder alert…

Be honest, you were taking a picture of her, not the on the field seating :joy:


Look at the guys behind her going gaga! Love the white boots.

That is Nick Vanett’s (Chargers TE) girlfriend. Might of caught a glance.