FORCE A Sale to Bezos

We have verified reports that Bezos is a prospective buyer. Time for the fan base to REVOLT against the Fords and force a sale. I’m calling for a boycott of the team until it is sold. Don’t buy tickets, don’t buy merchandise, don’t watch on TV.


The only real way to “force” them to do anything is to quit going to games.

I doubt that happens.

It’s like buying Madden or NHL games. Every year they’re super underwhelming, and they take away features we love so they can bring them back a few years later and look fresh.

People complain, saying they’re tired of paying $60 a year for just roster updates, when big problems exist in the main game.

But guess what? They keep buying it every year, knowing EA won’t change a thing unless they get hit in the pocketbook. :man_shrugging:

If the season ticket holders refuse to renew. They’ll sell.


Instead of bags over their head everybody should show up with an Amazon box over their Noggin


To get them to sell it goes waaay deeper than not going to games.

You would have to start boycotting Lions sponsors and getting other people to do it en masse.

At the end of the day this is football and I just don’t care that much

It would send a message and be the first step towards something bigger, but it’s a moot point since even that will never happen.

Birkett has a story that says, No, the Fords aren’t selling to Bezos or anybody else.

But when you parse out what was actually said…

“We’ve been approached about interest in buying the team, but there’s been no serious discussions and the Ford Family plans to own the team,” Wood said, adding that there are “plans in place” for Ford to bequeath the franchise to family members.

Well, A. No crap that you have plans to own the team – until you don’t.
B. No crap you have plans in place post-Martha for the team to go to the kids.

None of the above stops someone from making them an offer too lucrative to refuse.

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I guess WCF JR is completely out of the picture. It’s all Martha and her three daughters running this team.

Sounds like Sheila Hamp will be the one in charge at some point.

Others on here have said the capital gains tax implications basically guarantee that Martha will own the team for the rest of her life. I haven’t seen the exact details, but I would guess that making the team part of her estate would wipe out a lot of the taxes otherwise owed on it. So anyone who really wants the team will have to make some arrangements now, and then circle overhead like a hungry buzzard.

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I’ve stated this several times over the last couple years following a conversation I had with Martha and Shelia. She’s been part of every decision since Martha took over.

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I will support that. I remember the discussion right after Patricia getting the HC positions

Lol - good God if we go 11-5 or 10-6 and still miss the playoffs next yr?!


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