Ford Field watch party sold out; in six hours

Wow how many seats did they sell

And how much beer are they about to sell???


Can they set up another one at the Pistons arena? The Pistons have a 2pm game that day.


I believe it was the lower section as well as some club seats.

I was thinking of going to this. I didn’t realize they would have a limit and sell out so quickly.


You know the players are gonna hear about this and be hyped. What fan base sells out its stadium for a watch party. I wonder what the capacity is though, can’t imagine it’s their typical full capacity.

My wife was just saying that at the rate of technological advancement, soon they will be able to holographically simulcast the game on the field when the team is playing away games. I think she may be on to something there.


I can see this idea being combined with something like Google Glass for an augmented reality experience. That would be SICK.

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Star Wars chit…

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Honestly, I have been a fan since the mid-late 1970s. I have never had so much fun as a Lions fan and I am really proud to be a long-time member of the fan base.

That said, you all are amazing to go sell out a watch party in six hours. Bravo for all of you who made that happen.

WOW that is an insanely cool idea and also an additional source of income. So you see it in 3D basically

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I do wish they would say how many actual people are allowed in. Is it 10K? 20K? ect. The lower bowl and some other seating means little to me.

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Justin must be talking about from the time it opened to season-ticket holders at 10 am… because it opened to general public at 3 pm and when I looked at 4:30 there was NOTHING left.

I saw a couple of articles that said there are just over 20k people.

They may be able to do this for their road games next year, these fans can’t get enough.

Why not fill the whole stadium?


I have major-league FOMO.
What’s the next biggest watch party venue?

So I just did a quick google and found this site which seems to be Watch parties all over the country…haven’t checked it out in detail, but if actually is that, @Nate or @Air2theThrown you might want to pin? Looks like there’s one in Port Saint Lucie FL, not far from whaere I ma now.

Hey you can get your tickets on stub hub now for $100