Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

I have Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen on my fantasy team this year. And I’m thinking of playing the this week. Fudge - I need the points…but…

Play them. Start them. Shootout likely

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I’ve got K Allen. Won’t lose any sleep over playing him. Hope he does well, stays healthy, and loses.

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I have Ekeler 2x and Allen 2x, gonna play em. No worries.

If ya’ll truly love the Lions, you will sit those pigs.

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I also have:

D Montgomery
and Defense!

I’m playing them all.

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Precisely why I have never, and will never play Fantasy Football. I will NEVER give myself a reason to want my team or any player on it to do poorly, or for an opponents players to do well against us. Enjoy your treason :smiley:



When I was a much younger fella I used to bet the Lions would lose all the time. If they won I’d be happy but if they lost I made a few bucks. And we lost at least 60 percent of the time back in those days. :laughing: was a pretty good system when Marty and Mooch were running the team into the ground every week and taking the wind in OT

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I play, but as long as the Lions are winning (and my bets are winning) I don’t give a damn about fantasyland.

It’s fun for the comradary, but I’ll take a loss every week for a lions win. And just consider my buy in donation


I gave it a try once after helping a guy in the league who didn’t know much about football the year before. So I guess you could say I played 1.5 years of fantasy. It just wasn’t my thing, but maybe some day I’ll give it a go again.

Never in the history of sports has a team won or lost a game based on how a random dude set his fantasy football lineup. Use your inside knowledge to maximize your points for the week. The interesting part of being a Lions fan is that if anyone says that you are “not a real fan” for doing it…it means that THEY are “not a real fan.” Real fans have a complex relationship with this team. Real fans can bet the house on the Lions to lose and still root for the team to win on Sunday.

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Speak for yourself. If I put a Lions player on my bench after a couple bad weeks…he will immediately have a career day guaranteed. I use this method to get Lions players out of slumps and help the Lions win. You’re welcome

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I routinely never play my fantasy guys against our lions. He is what I have done in the past.

  1. Look at the lions weeks like bye weeks and plan accordingly when you make your draft rankings. Not easy.

  2. You may play an opposition kicker, as you could make the mental argument that each kick you get could have been a TD.

And the key one:
3. Play it correctly as you would, but assign yourself a preordained punishment for what you have done. And it has to be bad.


I joined my fantasy league 26 years ago. It’s my three best buddies and a group of other guys they grew up with or went to college with. I don’t know them. We only see each other one night a year for our fantasy draft. So last year, right when we were about to start the draft I stood up and said - “look, we’ve been in this league together for about 25 years, and I don’t even know your names, outside of these three guys.”

One guy says - “ah hell, I don’t know your name either, just that you love the Detroit Lions! And wish you could still have Jason Hanson as your kicker!”

Fantasy football just makes it more fun. Like hot fudge on ice cream. Ice cream by itself is pretty darn good, but the hot fudge makes a good thing just a touch better!"


Very cool story Dude…very cool.

I’ve been playing with the same group of guys for a long time too. My very first pick ever was Barry Sanders, in his sophmore year.


Oh boy…

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Jefferson set a new single-game franchise receiving record for Minnesota, picking up 226 receiving yards on 11 catches in a loss against the Detroit Lions.
There are also happy stories in fantasy.

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