Former Bears coach says Steelers QB Justin Fields was 'really hard to watch'

For Lions fans too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The refusal to pass the ball to wide open targets that he was seemingly staring right at was cringe-worthy.

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My job as a coach would have worked out better if the rookies came in knowing how to do everything

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It’s like there is a shit load of propaganda out to make sure everyone knows that Caleb Williams is the answer. I’ve never seen higher expectations for a rookie QB. I dont even think the hype train was this big for Andrew Luck. Hell even Eberflus looks like he changed his appearance to fit in better. If Williams stumbles there will be a catastrophic melt down in Chicago. I’m also going to be rooting for Fields now that he’s going to get some actual coaching……and out of the NFC.


I’d like to see that too, but I don’t think Fields is going to beat out Russ Wilson.

Fields didn’t want to be coached. He openly said that his challenges came from the coaching making him “robotic” and that he wanted to play more his own way. That’s a kid struggling to be an NFL QB saying its because his teachers are wrong even though they have been coaching the game longer than he’s been breathing.

Maybe being a backup for a winning franchise will take the pressure off and he’ll accept his coaching and clipboard holding.


Im rooting for Fields because it would be the sweetest of juice to see him succeed after leaving Chit Chow Chicago.


you know what, fields terrified me every time we played them. dude can be a nightmare for the defense. the bears made a mistake by not making him a ‘slash’ type because good lord is he fast and elusive.

he beat us twice in 5 games, and the last time we played them they beat us pretty good.

I’m leaning towards the coach sucked

The priority between a coach and students is the coach. The coach must know how to motivate the student to learn and change.

Any coach who does what this shit head just did, sucks as a coach.

This type of throwing poeole under the bus or simply taking shit about your troops is why we rock with MCDC!

Kind of agree. What benefit is there to tearing up Fields after he’s gone? It’s over. Wish him good luck and just accept that it didn’t work out. Take the high road like DC seems to do. It endears you to players…past and present.

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Yep. In that article, it made a big deal out of ‘he is working hard!’ and ‘he was still working on football stuff before the draft!’ Also, ‘he is talking with his receivers about routes!’

You know, the stuff that every QB should do. I mean, he seems to be a decent dude. But I bet Dan Orlovsky worked hard too, and that didn’t make him a stud.

Will he be great in Chicago? I don’t know! I have some major doubts, but he could be excellent. But this stuff is just par for the course that they are hyping immensely…

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You’re probably right.

But on the other side of the equation, I have been a coach. I have totally had kids who resisted all instruction. They did not listen to tips about anything, no matter how the message was delivered. If you have 20 guys on a team, and 19 are getting better, but 1 refuses to listen? It is incredibly frustrating, especially when it is a talented player. I have no idea which camp Fields falls into, but some people are just resistant to coaching/instruction.

“… *Watch his eyes. He tries to see the whole thing and doesn’t see anything. His eyes are all over the place and it’s just really hard to watch…”

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Same here being a coach and experiencing all types. The work hards that have no talent. The uber talented that won’t take coaching and everything in between.

Fields called out the coaches long before this one called out him.

No matter what it was a rocky situation.

My experience is that there are a lot of players that can wing it and are talented but the very best work hard, learn the craft and are talented off script.

I don’t get the sense that Fields is really capable of being a top pocket passer. We see Lamar finally trying after all these years. Maybe age, wisdom, and necessity will force him to alter his game from one read and run.

I don’t think you can wing it/be off scripted in the NFL all the time but it can definitely win you a series or even game here and there.

Kinda interesting this comes out 2-3 weeks after the draft. I think there is more behind this then just trying to bash on Fields. Why? I understand it maybe hit piece to get clicks and I am sure a lot of it is true.

But was this purposely released after bears rookie minicamp to make it look like the Bears were genius by drafting Caleb Williams?

So if Caleb doesn’t play good to start the season they can go back and say hey we had to do this you all herd what happened here with Fields.

The Hype on Luck was Ginormous.

I dont think Caleb is going to be anywhere near a Luck type player or have a Stroud type rookie season.

I also think JJ is going to mostly suck as a rookie and be Danny Drachma-ish as a pro.

I also have nothing to back that up beyond not being impressed with either in college relative to how the pro game is played, so

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CHI should nave taken J D 1st over-all.

Two questions:

What does a coach accomplish by making such an anonymous comment?

Do you think there are some writers out there that just regularly make up anonymous sources?


Without a doubt, I believe writers do this across all topics

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The internet broke everything.