Former DB Rod Smith on what it was like to face Barry

Pretty good story teller, this guy. Always nice to hear what it was like for other people.


I saw this this morning and was gonna post it, but forgot. Was awesome to listen to.

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This is freakin awesome - you know it, I know it, we all know it - but to hear it from a player like that is still fun.


Remember all the Barry vs Emmitt debates back in the 90’s. Such a joke, it wasn’t even close. Barry by a quarter mile.


We are not supposed to talk about Barry because that’s living in the past….so I was told :person_shrugging:

Ahhh… the difference between celebrating the past & letting it bring you down & ruin your current experience. Thankfully this came up so we can all see the difference!

Love it!

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Awesome thanks for sharing

that was the second person today I have heard say that Barry was the best football player in the history of the world

*more qualified than most

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Barry was the best football player in the history of the world…. Ever!

Now 3 people lol

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I’m with ya, brother…for sure

That guy is a storyteller. Very sharp presentation style…polished but passionate and engaging.

Really one of the best Ive seen from athletes…


I was told the same thing. However, I rarely do what I’m told, and live by the philosophy of it is always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. So, people who think the enjoyment of the past cannot coexist with the enjoyment of the present, can…

bart simpson lets see GIF

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EGGXACTLY! :100: :dart:

I watch Fox News ONE TIME in the past 4 years and see a story that tells me you watched it, too.

I’ve NEVER watched Fox News

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Barry was simply unbelievable. I’ve seen a lot of the greatest professional athletes live across several sports and if someone asked who was most worth the money to watch play, I would say Barry.

A freak amongst freaks.

They had a couple on there doing a story about eggs (rent chickens to harvest your own).
The eggsactly pun was used several times.

My middle false daughter has chickens and ducks and has for about a year and change.

She went from trying to give away the excess to family, to now adding about $100 cash a month to the Disney on Ice (2 little girls) and Torch Lake Mommy Get Away funds.


Rod embellished just a bit - he did get a couple fingers on Barry. It wasn’t a complete whiff.

#22 CB at the bottom

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