Former Rams WR Josh Reynolds to Titans on 1 year deal

I’m ok with it. Wasn’t a big fan.

Rams keep losing players, I like it! They replaced the 26 year old Reynolds with a 34 year old who is always injured. Jackson played in 8 games combined in 2019 and 2020 out of a possible 32 games. That ought to go well with their 40 year old left tackle.

Me neither. This was good news IMO.

Clearly Holmes wasn’t a huge fan

Unlike Tyrell Williams and Breshaud Perriman, not a deep threat.

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I didn’t care for him either when I thought he would get 5-6mil a year, but depending on his cost I would have been okay with it. I think he profiles as a average #3, solid #4 and if it was around 2mil I would have done it so Goff had a familiar face who is reliable.

Kalif Raymond is though!

Josh Reynolds has played 11 snaps so far in 2021, and won’t add to that number today.

But he’s a deep threat, how can that be?

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I see he got to play all gamw in week 5 when Julio and AJ Brown were out.

He got 9 targets. Made 6 catches, 59 yards.

His longest play was 12 yards for a team that runs play action a ton and had Henry rush 33 times for 157 yards.

As bad as our WRs are right now… not sure this guy would even help us.


Lol. They’re not even a threat to see the field any time soon.