Forum edit feature

You guys know about this feature?

Highlight the text you want to edit of your post and click the “Edit” button that pops up.


Thanks @Nate

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Not showing up on my Mac, brother.

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It’s awfully presumptuous of you to think we make murtakes.


You don’t see the edit button?

It should only work on your posts.

Ahhhhh…that’s what was going on.
Apologies, brother. I am over here trying to edit other ppl’s stuff. LOL

Oh wouldn’t that be fun.

Edits Nattys post: Flow > Bald


dumb and dumber harry GIF


LOL - This is how fisticuffs break out at the draft party man!
I’ll be choking MF’rz out & shaving their head before they come back around.
Can you get into trouble for making someone more handsome?

You’d get at least a 3 game suspension for that!! Don’t you dare gamble at Ford Field, that’ll cost you big time!

My wife and I were on the way to dinner last week when she lost the back of her earring in the truck. She then started fumbling thru my center console. Here is the interaction:

Me: “What are you looking for?”

Her: “I lost the back of my earring. I am looking for an eraser.”

Me: “Did you find one?”

Her: “No, you don’t seem to have one.”

Me: “Thats because I don’t make mistakes.”

love it

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Where mine says “bald emissary”, yours should read “permanent ink”

Speaj for yourself!

I never do!

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