Frank Clark arrested, Zaven Collins arrested, and Jalen Twyman shot 4 times

Chiefs Pro Bowler Frank Clark arrested on weapons charge, allegedly had Uzi in his Lamborghini

Jason Owens

Jason Owens

Mon, June 21, 2021, 8:40 PM·2 min read

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Frank Clark faced questions about a past arrest when he joined the Chiefs in 2019. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Frank Clark was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday night after police say they found an Uzi firearm in his car.

L.A. Police Department spokesman Tony Im told reporters on Monday that officers pulled over the Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl defensive end for a vehicle code violation as he was driving his Lamborghini. During the stop, officers say they saw the weapon sticking out of a duffel bag.

Clark was charged with felony possession of a concealed firearm and booked into a Los Angeles County jail facing a $35,000 bond. According to KMBC, Clark has since been released, as were three passengers in the car.

Clark was reportedly arrested in March on gun charge

After news of Sunday’s arrest broke, the Kansas City Star reported that Clark was arrested in March on another gun charge. According to the report, California Highway Patrol pulled over Clark and another man when their car did not display a front license plate as required by California law. Similar to Sunday’s alleged incident, the routine traffic stop led to police finding a loaded handgun and rifle in the car. Clark was also released on $35,000 bond in that incident, according to the report.

The Chiefs have not commented on the allegations.

Clark has played six NFL seasons with the Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks. He joined the Chiefs in 2019 and made the Pro Bowl after both of his seasons in Kansas City. The Chiefs signed Clark to a five-year, $105 million contract with $62.3 million guaranteed after acquiring him from Seattle in 2019.

Questions about prior arrest followed Clark to Kansas City

Clark was previously arrested in 2014 on a domestic violence charge while he was a student-athlete at Michigan. He was kicked off the Michigan football team after that arrest. He eventually reached a plea deal on a disorderly conduct charge.

Clark and the Chiefs faced questions about his domestic violence history when he joined the team in 2019.

“I’ve had to learn to be a better teammate, a better person and better man in general," Clark said at the time. "You’ve got to own up to it and what you’ve done. I affected a lot of people.

Arizona Cardinals 1st round draft pick Zaven Collins arrested in Scottsdale

Zaven Collins

Zaven Collins arrested in Scottsdale on June 20.

Scottsdale Police

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – The Arizona Cardinals first-round draft pick was arrested in Scottsdale over the weekend.

Scottsdale police confirmed to Arizona’s Family that 22-year-old Zaven Collins was arrested on Sunday for excessive speed and reckless driving in the area of Scottsdale and Chaparral roads.

According to police, Collins was seen going 76 mph in a 35 mph zone at about 10:00 a.m. He was booked and released later in the day.

The linebacker was drafted as the 16th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Arizona’s Family has reached out to the Cardinals for a statement but has not received a response.

Vikings rookie Jaylen Twyman shot four times, expected to make full recovery

Twyman was shot inside a vehicle while visiting his aunt in Washington D.C.

Bryan DeArdo

By Bryan DeArdo

10 hrs ago1 min read

Nick Wosika/Getty Images

Vikings rookie defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman is expected to make a full recovery after being shot four times, Twyman’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Vikings have been apprised of the situation.

Twyman’s gunshot wounds were described by Rosenhaus as “superficial, exit wounds” that were sustained inside a vehicle while visiting his aunt in Washington D.C. Twyman was shot in the arm, leg, buttocks and shoulder, Rosenhaus told ESPN. Twyman is expected to be released from the hospital this week, per Rosenhaus, and “there doesn’t appear to be any long-term injuries that would prohibit him from playing this season.”

He had negative X-rays and will not need surgery. Twyman was simply at the “wrong place, wrong time,” Rosenhaus told Schefter. “In talking to him today, he’s going to be OK – that’s all that matters,” Rosenhaus said, via Schefter. “We’re thankful he’s OK. He will make a full recovery.”

The 6-foot-2, 301-pound Twyman was a sixth-round pick in this year’s draft. Before opting out of the 2020 season, Twyman enjoyed a breakout year with the Pitt Panthers. Wearing No. 97 in honor of former Pitt and current NFL standout Aaron Donald, Twyman recorded 10.5 sacks and 12 tackles for loss in 2019. He had at least a half sack in eight games that season that included three sacks against Ohio and 2.5 sacks against North Carolina. Twyman likely sealed his draft fate after benching 225 pounds a whopping 40 times during Pitt’s pro day.


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Jaylen Twyman

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Twyman is part of a Vikings rookie class that includes fellow Panther Patrick Jones II, a defensive end who tallied 17.5 sacks during his last two years in Pittsburgh. The duo will look to help improve a Vikings defense that finished 29th in scoring, 25th in passing, 27th in rushing, 10th in third down efficiency and 11th in red zone efficiency last season.

“It’s something that I was hoping and praying for when I was getting interviewed by the Vikings and I knew we were two potential prospects,” Twyman said of possibly playing with Jones at the next level. "I’ve just been keeping my fingers crossed [that I’d be] able to reunite with one of my brothers, whether that was Rashad Weaver or Patrick Jones. “It’s a blessing to be able to chase quarterbacks down again with Patrick.”

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Frank Clark is an idiot. But just LOL at the BS story of “we just happened to see an UZI sticking out of his duffel bag in plain sight!” Just admit you searched his vehicle to see what you might find. I’m sure it’s routine to do full vehicle searches for drugs and weapons when Lamborghini’s are pulled over.


Yeah… I think you are right… and I would guess the level of intrigue about a weapon being in the vehicle also goes up when the cops run his info and find he was just arrested 3 months ago with an “allegedly” illegal weapon.

No details out on this current arrest that I have seen… but the 1st arrest occured in March when the vehicle was in violation because it didn’t have a front license plate.

Apparently… Since I live in Michigan and don’t need a front license plate… I could be pulled over the second I drive into California if I was in my own vehicle.

Still assuming you know…

It’s called plain view… if you know anything about being a LEO…

Now, if you want to e stop negative Nancy, you need to ask the right question… why did they waste the time to pull this guy over for only a be child code violation “something broke or missing”… the initial intent of the stop can be questioned but the plain view is SOP… if you happen to be trained as a LEO… which I have been


He’s an even bigger idiot for consenting to the search. Yes, the cops will likely come up with some justification to do it anyway, but especially if you know they’re going to find something illegal, it’s one more card for your lawyer to use when defending you. If you can poke holes in the just cause rationale, you can get the entire charge tossed.

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Honestly it’s not that hard to believe. The dude had an uzi in a Lamborghini 3 months after getting a weapon charge. I have no problem believing it was sitting in plain sight. He’s beyond stupid.

I don’t have to be a LEO to laugh at the story that they just happened to see an UZI hanging out of an open duffel bag. Which also perfectly matches the story they used last time.

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I had a buddy who had a Lambo, a Ferrari, and a Porsche that was built to over 800hp. Cars like that are very cool but like I told my wife, they scream to burglars that you have money and you are who they should rob. So I understand the need for some “personal protection”, especially in LA…but there’s legal way to go about it and having Uzi’s in your gym bag isn’t one of them.

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So, Frank has been caught with a gun in plain sight twice now. Cops have the same story for both, it can’t be because Frank hasn’t learned his lesson?!?!


You got it brother

Was going to reply about Frank but glad he didn’t refuse let lawyers deal with it. We don’t know whole story one way or other.

I don’t think it was a regular gym bag, but I could be wrong. Doing a quick search of Frank’s social media and some interviews it appears he is a huge Louis Vuitton fan and it was most likely one of his many LV duffel bags.

Frank is an idiot that hasn’t learned his lesson about riding around California with firearms. He’s also a POS with a domestic violence incident in his past. But I think the chances that the cops just randomly saw an UZI hanging out of an unzipped Louis Vuitton bag is pretty slim. How does that coversation even go when the cops lights go on to pull them over? “Oh shit dude, hide the UZI!” “Naw bro, open it up and make sure its hanging out so they can see it.” Or is it more like “Oh shit dude, what we gonna do?” “Don’t worry about it bro. We’ve got nothing to hide, not even the UZI precariously hanging out of a bag in an obvious location. Just leave it there, I’m sure it will be fine.” :rofl:

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There was a passenger in the car?..did I miss that?

When Clark was pulled over and the officers said Good Evening sir, Clark reportedly responded " Say halloh to mah little frehn"…

Which in retrospect was not the time to do a Scarface impression.

I mean, is it probable cause? Yeahhhhh, maybe…if he sucked at the accent.


He sure can rush the passer though! Who cares about the overall impact to society, we’re selling tickets people!

Plus, we just call it Same ol Leo’s and he’ll be back to playing in no time!

This is what the uzi is for, what’s the big deal?!

Sneaking Elmer Fudd GIF by Looney Tunes

Do not talk to the man behind the curtain!

Explosion Reaction GIF

Also, Clark never said that.

But could you see it happen? Yeahhhh

scarface GIF by HBO

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They actually name the person he was with in March and they were in a Supra. If you read the articles on this arrest he actually had 3 passengers in the car. And not a single one thought “maybe we should do something about this UZI hanging precariously out of this duffel bag?” And if they did the rest of the group must have said “shut up Karen!!!”

He should have tried “relax, take it easy.”

al pacino drugs GIF


I meant in his Lambo, not a lot of inside space in one of those so if he had a bag it was probably sitting right there on the passenger seat or floor.

The Lambo was an Urus, that’s the one he had the 3 passengers in.