Frank says, “Suck it”

Great News. Sounds like he’s ready to kick some arse. Also what a great and genuine dude. Hat’s off to him and the other players stepping up to help kids in need. Imagine how cool it will be for those kids once Frank wins a SB.

Also just noticed the topic count.


Good thing we didn’t draft a center round 1

Rags is elite. Hope he stays for a long time


Huh, weird, I’ve been hearing from Den posters all spring about how Ragnow was close to retiring, and how there were a ton of conversations about it internally, even though that’s not even close to what he said or implied. Who am I supposed to believe now, random Den posters or Frank Ragnow?

Me in February:

Frank today:

“I was frustrated,” he said ahead of a skeet-shooting event for his foundation Rag Remembered on Thursday. “It was kind of annoying. All I said was I’m going to need some time to heal up the day after the game. That was my intention and then it took off, which was kind of annoying, but it is what it is.”

Don’t worry, Frank. I got you. I can understand English.


You didn’t hear it from me i kept saying I think he will honour his contract ,he is that type of guy. I will say right now I think we extend Decker for 3 years also. Franks cut from that hard nose honour my word people.


And a dude like this should be rewarded IMO

Not only with All Pro, Pro Bowlers, and Contracts…but I think he should be one of those dudes that gets the NBA star treatment… like a rest game here and there.

He can still suit up, but let Glasgow go Center and Kayode LG

Keep Frank Fresh, Keep that toe/knee/back workload down.

Just my opinioin.

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I hope we start to develop a C I really like GG but age is factor for him also. I am not sure you have right player taking over LOG an I like who you said but he could be a cut I hope not.

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Yes, hope we keep 1 or 2 of these UDFA center on the PS

As far as Kayode goes…he was solid last year. Better than Sorsdal. The other two guys are rookies.


Frank is the man, but this isn’t the NBA.
There are only 17 games.
Frank should be treated to rest days during camp and practice week during the season.
He can also get that week off at the end of the season “when” the Lions secure their playoff position and have nothing to gain.
I would also take Frank out early in games that are decided in the 4th quarter.


Just excited to have the captain of the oline fired up to come back and be on a mission. That line is the best I’ve ever seen in my 46 years of watching this team. Plus having the skilled guys to take advantage…it’s a little overwhelming. A dream come true.

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I am pretty sure Ragnow wasn’t practicing every day. He was getting days off.


Ragnow is already getting days off during the week. If not mistaken that was the case for all of last season.


Love Ragnow… and glad he’s back.

But it’s 1 year at a time here fellas.

I hope he plays 3 or 4 more years… but time will tell.

Glad he’s back baby


This was the original article that fueled speculation

I also thought he had at least two more years (ie. plays out his contract). [quote=“JerseyJungle, post:22, topic:29245, full:true”]
I think he has two more years, and after that he may retire.

@Wolverine0611 absolutely nailed it: Ragnow contemplating health & future - #16 by Samsalt1

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I’m just happy to hear this. The media reports from the lockerroom sounded pretty grim in terms of his long term ability to stay healthy


This is how it starts, you have no I deal, Frank loves the game, he just said he never thought about retiring and is not thinking about it. Yet you come up with he will only play 2 more years.


Yep, I did it. It all started with me.
You changed my “may” to a “will”, but that’s OK. I’m guilty.


I would not critique @JerseyJungle too harshly. Conversations happened behind closed doors. There is coach speak when they talk in non-direct vague manners and players do the same thing. Ragnow especially does not want his business out there in this situation and he does not want people constantly asking him about the possibility of retiring. Ragnow willed himself through the season. There was a conversation had between FO and Ragnow where he needed to take time to recover before making any comments about his future and Brad being an intelligent forward thinking GM knows he has to at least entertain having a contingency plan in the event Frank’s mind and body can’t get on the same page. @stephenboyd57 said it best, this is a year by year situation…hopefully he does play out his entire contract (he wants to) but will his body hold up. THAT is the question that he and the FO have been discussing. Did the media blow it out of proportion? It is the media after all. But a conversation with concerns about Franks future did occur.


I think what you have been reading (at least from me) is a concern over his health. He missed time last season as he has most seasons with the toe/foot issue. So the concern is more over a long term how long can he keep it going. He states as do the doctors that the toe is not really curable. It is interesting that in the article it sounds like maybe the toe situation has improved.

But for me it has alway been about the toe and not anything he has said.


If I remember correctly, his missed time wasn’t due to the foot. He was able to manage the foot all year last year.

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So yes maybe he missed more due to the knee twist issue.

But people seem to want to peel the onion here. The fact is the guy is basically not practicing and only playing games due to his toe. That is a HUGE concern and why I think the Lions need to make sure they have someone in the wings. Chronic injuries are not something that can be predicted. This is only my point.

Everyone can act like this is a nothing burger and hopefully it is.

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