Free Agency Spending by team


Damn Tbay had that much money to spend?

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You know shit is bonkers when A Rod signs a $150m deal and the Packers are 21st in FA spending :rofl:

Now that I think about it, that may not count as FA spending. Does it @DeadStroke ?

Why is it that Tom Brady goes to a random team and suddenly they have the best (arguably) oline? I don’t remember TB being a powerhouse offensive line before Brady.

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No Rodgers contract doesn’t count, it’s an extension. Players that are franchised count just the franchise figure (Godwin $20M, instead of $60M (3yr contract).


Holmes’ philosophy is clearly to build through the draft. Hope it works out.

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Considering we tried to build in UFA with Millen, Mayhew and Quinn . . . it’s refreshing change of pace.


I know I keep bringing up Ted Thompson, but he could be better than Ted Thompson. That remains to be seen.

You make a good point.

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That means Jacksonville is winning the Super Bowl, right?

Is there another chart showing money spent wisely by teams? :bomb:

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Wouldn’t mind seeing one with resigning your own players versus new to your team guys.

Agreed. That’s why I hope it works out.

If it did Cleveland wouldn’t be ranked last. You’d add 230 million they just gave Watson.

they drafted their best OL player the same year Brady joined the team….

….and ……

Brady getting them into the right play & getting the ball out of his hand 3 times faster than Jameis Winston did also makes a difference. :joy:

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I really think you’re on to something here. Yeah, Wirfs is a stud. That was a great pick.

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