Free agent profile: Pros, cons of re-signing Dan Skipper

I voted “yes.” Why not bring him to training camp?


Min. veteran deal for a guy we know. Yep, bring him back.


Resign him and hope that he gets a chance to “accidentally” flatten Brad Allen in a game next season.

We are already lacking in bald guys, OF COURse you bring him back!!!

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Last year we went with Nelson & Ifedi

Skipper came back to save the day for backup OT


Absolutely bring him back… He’s a culture fit and a solid backup/6th lineman


I personally think Skipper is more so practice squad material, but regardless he is a smart resign for the minimum.


True, but having him go through camp before putting him on the P.S. would help.

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Skipper will sign with the Lions then get cut in training camp. Then signed to the practice squad. Then be activated after someone gets hurt.

This has already happened like 7 times. Book it.

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Yeah he is a great off the couch guy that you can tell to stay in shape and hang around outside the building for when you need him.

He whiffs on blocks a lot but he knows the offense, can catch and move, and if he does make the block successfully, he’s a huge dude that can move the line. He is about as good as you can find for a ~60th roster man.

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I say YES. Solid OL depth is very very hard to find out side of the draft.

Lions O Line currently
Decker _____ Ragnow ____ Sewell
______ (Awosika), Farnoik, Sorsdal _____
Galvin, Neise, ____, muti, ____

They have no backup T right now.
Right now i say.
Resign Glasgow,
Resign Nelson and Skip for backup Tackles.

That really only leaves practice squad players (easy to get) and starting guard left.

Aka draft a guard top 100 and then sign a bunch of OL UDFA.

Skipper has done a great job filling in all over.
Okay, I get it. He’s not a starter. I wonder if some of us get that.
He adds versatility. He’s even a threat in the passing game.

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