Free Michigan Panthers tickets

I was given 4 extra tickets to the Michigan Panthers game for being a season ticket holder. The game is this Sunday at noon at Ford Field.

If someone is really interested in going and wants the tickets shoot me a private message on the forum.

Please don’t take the tickets just to resell obviously. I’d like it to be someone who wants to attend the game as a way to show support to the forums and its members.

It sounds like I may get additional tickets all season for other home games, so I may have more tickets in the future.

The only catch is you have to be willing to give me your info so I can transfer the tickets to you.


I don’t have any takers for these 4 free tickets so far. They are good seats, sections 130 row 12.

I wish I lived closer

Has anyone taken them yet?

Nobody so far.

Michigan Panthers have the best uniforms in the biz. Lions need to follow their blue print by adding another color

I have 12 season tickets and dont see anywhere where to get the free Panthers tickets. Any idea how? If you still have tickets I can use them or get rid of them for the podcast.

I received a promotional email offering the free tickets for a short time. I believe I received the email on Tuesday around noon.

Glad to see Will in the forum!!! Maybe he can talk about the Girls basketball coach/ Realtor/ scout/ shoppers guide reporter. He has those great sources that tells us we are trading for every pro bowl player on 1 year deals lol!!!

Lol, I try not to cause drama, but yea, its amazing isnt it? 30 years at 6 different careers, must be 150 years old by now. I want to know more about that life serum he must have access to, to live so long. Forget the Lions, bro should be selling snake oil and become a billionaire.

On the real, I appreciate everyone in the contrnt creator world, it takes a lot of heart, dedication and many hours of your life to do this. Just doing it the right way is what I respect more, and very few of us do that.

I wont ever claim sources unless I know its a hardline fact. As you know, the things I say are sourced happen, even knowing in the NFL things can change instantly, you can be wrong ince in a while. If I had been wrong 10x in a row, I wouldnt be claiming sources anymore. I would fire them and become a source. Thats why I am credentialed and earning my way into the locker room someday.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to provide honest transparency, its easy to make stuff up and create clicks. I would rather have 300 clicks with 100% facts than anything else. With that said, Go Lions, be careful who you trust and support. Media is full of liars these days and social media is full of disinformation, misinformation and propaganda. It only takes 5 minutes to verify things and get educated on a topic. For some reason people have a hard time doing that these days.


Panthers game is on now for those who care

I was watching it.

Turns out that watching the Panthers is the perfect way to induce my afternoon nap.

Nothing like a 76 yard TD pass to wake you up from a coma.

And still didn’t get to see the kicker for the xp.

Woo hoo here we go…

62 yard attempt

Wow, right down the middle. Would have been good from 67 or more.