Freep/Jeff Seidel: Why I'm picking the Detroit Lions to beat the Chiefs: 13 reasons we could see an upset

One of those reasons:


From the article:

My final reason isn’t really a reason. Maybe, it’s more of a plea to the universe.

Can’t Detroit get this, just one time?

Can’t Detroit have a magical season, right from the start?

Can’t everything align?

After all the suffering and losing, can’t we have nice things, just once?

He knows man! He feels it! Lezdoodis.


Nice article. That had an old school Mitch Albom type feel to it.

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Really funny story from my past → 100% truth too
Aaahhhh…the memories.

So, Mitch Albom’s book, “Tuesday’s with Maurrie” is a very good read about a man who was terminally ill the Mitch used to spend Tue afternoons with and his wonderful, heart-touching, learning experiences, connecting with this glorious old dude.

…So…I was dating the Music teacher at the time. I started to sense a disturbance in the force (she was emotionally not there anymore).

After school, she used to teach music lessons to kids at a nearby coffee house/ music tutoring place.

One day after work I swung by to visit her. She claimed to be very sick. I could tell she wasn’t. She asked me to help her load up all of her instruments, so I put them in her car (she could play anything, it was amazing). I loaded her car up, and she said she was going to go to her parents house.

I went to the gym, the tanner, and to get some food (back when I was bodybuilding, I refused to wear the spray on stuff, so I naturally-ish tanned. LOL.

So…after the workout & dinner I swung back by her work…and saw her sitting at a table with a. guy having a cup of soup. I watched em for about 20 seconds before I went in there, and could see the touches and flirtation…wanted to make sure I was right.

I walked in, Said hello to Bonnie…then looked to the guy and said “Aaaaahhhhh…you must be Bonnie’s boyfriend?” With a huge smile he replies, “Yes I am.”
I responded, “ME TOO!”

I had no interest in arguing or anything, just was hopefully that she would get neither of us…yup…I was a bit vindictive in those days (loooooooong time ago - decades)

So, this was at Christmas time and I had already sent the Christmas presents to her parents house. I had purchased a cool book about world travel for her dad, and Tuesday’s With Maurrie for her mom (Who was terminally ill with cancer).

After we get back from break, her dad comes to my coaching office and asks to speak to me. His daughter told him that I hit her. I replied, “did you believe her?”
He looked at the ground in a moment of silence.
He said I was shouting at her and cursing, then he asked what I said…HIs words, “did you call her a slut, or a whore?”
I said, “No sir, but there’s a reason those words came out of your mouth.”
Another moment of silence…
I said, “There’s a reason you came here to speak to me, instead of calling the police. You know your daughter and you know what happened here. I have nothing against you or her, at this point in my life, just a bit of a painful lesson for me.”

He returned the book on travel I had purchased for him, and said it was too painful to look at. I asked him about “Tuesdays with Maurrie.” He said Bonnie had purchased that for his wife and that she was actually quite touched by the gift and it’s message…
Yuuuup…she unwrapped the book I had purchased for her mom, wrapped it back up and said it was from her! LOL.

That’s my emotional anchoring around Tuesdays with Maurrie nowadays.

I grew from that lesson. In some ways I loved how I handled myself. In other ways, I can see where I could have done much better.

He knew I was telling the truth just as much as he knew his daughter was lying.
Black belt with a 300 lb bench press hits a 110 lb woman, there’s going to be a mark.

Anyway, thought there might be a couple of laughs in there for you guys, as well as a great book recommendation.


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