Friday Practice Report - 11 Oct


The Lions only did a walk-through today, so this is their projection of who would have participated in a normal practice.

Don’t know what the deal is with Oruwariye, he’s a rookie and he don’t need no rest day. Which to me means he has a knee issue that is not insignificant. If they get Slay and/or Diggs back then it won’t matter much though. Maybe Amani’s absence was excused for personal reasons.

With Amendola, Hand, and Hockenson, it’s still kinda wait and see. I do think Amendola and Hock will play, less certain about Hand. Pretty sure Daniels won’t play, and I’d bet he ain’t happy about it either.

Game designations for the MNF teams do not come out until Saturday, and even then it can change. We got guys who are hurtin’, but so do they.

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I was hoping there would be more healthy players after the bye. Would love to see Hand back out there to see what he can bring to the D-Line.

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That Dline has got to get healthy!

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