Friday Practice

All Lions players were at practice Friday and only Jarrad Davis appeared to not participate in any individual drills. Rashaan Melvin and Da’Shawn Hand both went through drills.

I call that good news, except for Davis. Hopefully everyone else will be available on Sunday. Game designations come out at 4pm ET.


Wasn’t expecting Davis to play for at least a month, so this isn’t upsetting.

Great to see Ragnow & Melvin practicing. We really need those two to play.

I’d expect Hand to miss the first couple of games at a minimum. He hasn’t had a full practice since day 1 of camp when he got injured.

Overall, the best of news.

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Been dying to hear some kind of update on Davis. Wasn’t expecting to see him on the field this week, but genuinely curious on his timetable. Should be able to deal without him this week, but we sure could use him back really soon.

Welcome back from Banhattan.


Ha! Appreciate it. Needed a fresh start.

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I believe that Davis was definitely intended to be a key role for the Arizona game prior to his injury. I’m hoping that reeves-maybin will continue to improve as it appeared during the preseason. Welcome to the board!

Make the most of it brother!

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