From 'scariest dude in Pop Warner' to NFL stardom, inside Amon-Ra St. Brown's drive to be great


“Certain guys are different. And I want to make a comparison, but I don’t want it to sound crazy, but the way that he is, in the weight room and on the field are very similar in my experience with Aaron Donald,” Lions quarterback Jared Goff told ESPN. "Like, it is business, business, business. He works harder than everybody.

“Aaron’s the hardest worker I’ve ever been around and Saint’s right there with him just with the amount of time they put in and how serious they take it when they’re on the field. It’s a lot of fun to play with a guy like that.”

The Aaron Donald of WRs is a pretty good description.

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Aaron Donald is a rare bird for sure. There aren’t many DTs you can say are the hardest working guy you’ve ever seen. Alim McNeill? Yeah right. Buggs? Nope Suh? Nyet. Fairley? Don’t think so. Jalen Carter? Negative.

I would not sleep on SUH. Fact is I have a man crush on him for the last 15 (?) years he has been in the league. He may not be the hardest worker but he is definitely one of the nastiest dudes in the league. Talk about playing with an edge and on the fringe of insanity. He always plays like you are the dude that ran over his puppy and kept going.

I’d give Suh a shot. It’s not like we have an abundance of talent at DT.

The guy was naturally strong. The bowl game against Texas, where he lined up at DE and had 4.5 sacks, he was man-handling the opposing OL.

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