From that silly Florio & Simms duo, Brady to Detroit -



  1. Chris Simms is an idiot and should be on my permanent ignore list

  2. This is a fake article


Do those choices have to be mutual exclusive?


It’s the offseason, for most of the league anyways, clickbait will be strong and Brady is a draw for lovers and haters.


Yep he is actually smart, his job is to produce storys that people will read, they don’t have to be accurate just a interesting angle that get people to click and read. Not a lot going on in the offseason. The dude knew when he wrote it there would be a hudge contraversy. People will be pissed all while clicking and reading. The guy is doing his job. Pretty well too , look how many here fell for it.


I also wonder if the Lions are gaining more interest after Hard Knocks and this season. The failing team for decades starting to show promise and interest from more than just Lion fans.
Would be interesting to see how much of a “clickbait draw” the Detroit Lions really are.


Is this an Onion article?


I thought about this possibility before, especially if he could bring Gronk along. This team would likely have a better shot at a Superbowl with Brady then with Goff. That is not a knock of Goff, but Brady is still a damn good QB and you can’t discount his experience winning the big game. That would also trickle down throughout the locker room.

With that said Goff completely changed my mind on this in the 2nd half of the season. I still believe Brady would give us a better chance in 2023, but what about after that? Bringing in Brady essentially ends Goff’s time here and I would rather have Goff for the next 5 years+ than Brady for only one or two.


Might be good fit for Brady, but us?

This is one of those “push the chips to the middle of the table” moves I was referencing in the “what is our window” thread…

Can’t see it happening…

Exactly. If our sole focus was winning the Superbowl in 2023 then you go get Brady and trade Goff to the highest bidder. Gronk likely would come with as well. We would lose Goff, but add Gronk and Brady and likely a 1st rounder and more for Goff. This team would be one of if not the favorite in the NFC at that point.

Once again though, at what cost. I would rather not be as good in 2023 with Goff, but be on an upward trajectory rather than be really good in 2023, but not have a succession plan once Brady calls it quits.

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Why replace a 28 year old QB with a 40+ year old QB? Goff is better than Brady.

The key is that Brady USED TO BE better than Goff. He isn’t anymore. Everyone needs to stop falling into the trap and look at what Brady is now, not what he used to be.

Brady to the Lions is a solid H-E-L-L NO!! for me.

There are about 5-6 options in the NFL better for Detroit than Goff: (Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Hurts, Lawrence and maybe Herbert). Nobody in the draft and damn sure not Brady.


Why do I feel like this is going to be the absolute longest off-season of my life? We ended on way to high a note. Lol


Brady has to be rooting against his 49ers so maybe they will take him for a year. Needs Purdy to stink up the joint

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Imagine his seething if Purdy becomes Brady pt 2


You have to consider curcumstance as well. Brady dealt with a terrible O-Line this year and WR’s in and out of the lineup all year. Plus an entire off-season of drama (which he caused).

Even if Brady and Goff are very close in terms of on field ability, Brady’s experience and leadership far exceed Goff.

I can confidently say we have a better chance to win a Superbowl in 2023 with Brady over Goff.

Like I said above though, with as good as Goff played last year it isn’t worth considering it being Brady is only a 1-2 year rental at best.


The only upside I see here is handsomeness.

While I don’t believe this, Brady would be learning the offense from scratch, & it could be true for year one…

I think for all of us, bro. We’re not spending on trading for him - 0%

Sir Thomas would only be here for 15 minutes anyway. Goff has a chance to be her for another 8-10 years.

Cuz we have something to look forward to for the first Time since Stafford & Suh’s squad.

Waiting sucks.


I’ve heard worse ideas, but you would essentially be severing your relationship with Goff which wouldn’t be wise at this point. We need to think longer term than trying to just win the Superbowl next season. I think he makes a lot of sense for the 49ers. Other than that I think he’ll retire. He’s not winning crap with the Jets or Titans.

It’s also a crapshoot at this point as well. You never know when his age and body will finally catch up to his play. Look how fast Manning fell off the cliff.


That’s true. Manning fell of a cliff. We’ll see next year if Rodgers fell of a smaller cliff, it kind of looks like it. Brady has been more of a slow slide but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cliff still there.