Fun with stats (Stafford/JBC)

So, I posted a Stafford stat in another thread, and it lead me to look everything else up in the same manner.

Staff is on pace for:

Most INTs he has thrown since 2013
Least amount of pass yards thrown since 2010 :bangbang:
Tie 2016 TD total
Tie 2017’s ridiculous sack numbers (though his sack rate is higher)
Lowest Average YPA since 2012
25 more passes than last year when he didn’t have a RB
Lowest rating since 2014

…I was going to try extrapolating deep throw attempts and all that, but stopped short since I have a life.

Anyway, make what you will of these. Personally, I see a couple of these as really revealing, especially when considering context.


Can’t quite place it, complacency, parenting 3 young kids, hidden injury perhaps…but he hasn’t looked quite right all season long. Funny thing is, I always assumed Caldwell was holding him back…turns out it seems to be the exact opposite.

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Is this the same offense ran under Lombardi/Caldwell/Cooter?
Same language, formations and executions?

Here is how I test the theory…“is Player A, a weak player?”
By envisioning that player in another scenario.

Take Stafford and place him under Sean Payton, Andy Reid, or Matt Nagy for two seasons. How do you think he would do?
I have a strong idea how that experiment would turn out.
Stafford is not the issue.


Very well said. I do not think he is the issue either.

Under a better system, I think he would excel. As much as I realize he is not the problem, and would love for him to be a Lion for life, I would love to see him elsewhere, so fans can realize he was not the issue here

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Or as I just put in another thread… imagine Brees here.

But, no, not the same offense as that under Lombardi. There was a legitimate change in schemes that began immediately after Lombardi’s firing and was complete over the following off-season.

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Constant pressure and sacks will do that.

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Lombardi is not the play caller in NOLA for a reason! Payton handles the game calling himself.

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This offense is a Cooter/Stafford collaboration. It’s totally tailored to Stafford.

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Agreed, it’s the simplifying that had to be done by all 3 OCs for stafford.

Blame the OCs for not telling stafford to suck it up.