Funny Coach Campbell Thread

I almost never use Reddit but my buddy sent me this thread about Dan Campbell’s internet search history. Worth your time for a good laugh.


Here’s a sample…

What to do if your balls are too big for your underwear?

Head coach bench press world record

What’s a kicker?

How much cocaine is considered too much?

Moon phases calendar



Because this is Reddit:
Poorly Maintained Bathrooms


Can you add caffeine to tobacco lol lol


How many triple shot venti coffees does it take to kill a man?

How to do burpees with only one ass cheek?

How to put tooth back in using household supplies?

Where to buy a pet lion?

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Analytic data supporting going for it on 7th and long with 143 yards to go for TD

How often does excessive testicle size qualify for handicap parking spot

How much wood could a rod wood chuck if a rod wood could chuck wood

Jared Goff girlfriend bikini

How to delete browser history after wanking to friend’s girlfriend

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Same search history as 90 percent of the den :joy::joy:

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“Can nickel be a base defense?”


Who really did pee on that rug?
Jared Goff white men can’t jump
position coaches holding back the defense
is it a compliment when they call you aggressive?
field goals and low testosterone

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Potential victory parade route in downtown Detroit

Hutch’s mom instagram

How big do neck veins get before they burst?

Scrotal lift and tuck surgery subscription

How to get my OC to throw Jamo the ■■■■■■■ ball


Are teams allowed to punt in the NFL?

Can I get hepatitis from biting a kneecap?

Kittens being cute haha

Is wrestling a hippopotamus illegal?

One of my faves: how to skin deer with bare hands and teeth

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The Danimal likes to bake apparently so I’m going with,

“Can you laminate dough in locker rooms?”


““Is athlete’s foot a leavening agent?””

NoDoz exceeding the recommended dose
New Orleans Saints free agents
Vintage Metallica Shirts
Noise Ordinance is it enforceable
Game Balls how to decide

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Can you snort Viagra?

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Side effects of snorting caffeine pills?
Turd Test Strips
Keeping your GM from wrecking the draft room


Animated GIF

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Can coaches use PEDs ?

Thanksgiving moon phase calendar



Pizza Yes GIF

Quickly disabling front porch security protection
Drinking caffeine to the point I call myself Cornholio and demand T.P. How much?
The five finger death punch - is it real?
Terminator 7 movie auditions

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