Future of NFL is on right now

Super high scores, sideline massages from league cheerleaders, on the spot pedicurers/manicures due to chipped nails, cool hats and shades with flags galore.

Future scheduling will be determined by weather…must be sunny, no wind ( well, light breeze is acceptable as long as it doesn’t mess up hair)and 80 degrees for games to be played.

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Flag Football is underway!
Who’s watching? (Not me, just got the notification from the Not Football League).


I just put it on and it’s not as bad as everybody says if you look at this more like the company Christmas party vs anything resembling football


I think the pro bowl is a test to see what ratings are like playing 7 on 7 tickle ball.

It’s terrible. Tried to watch last year for a quarter and couldn’t do it. Lasted about 10 mins. It’s pure garbage and unwatchable unless u are really naive and young.

Football without violence is like sex without a partner. :laughing::laughing::laughing: 0 stars

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Be as well cancelling it. Still get a place in team as an award for a great season but this is like a Saturday evening light entertainment show

It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the game actually mattered and they were trying.
Pro Bowl has been a joke forever but if they get rid of it they make less money so…

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Remember- the Pro Bowl isn’t a reward for us. It’s a reward for the players. And honestly, it seems like the players have had a lot more fun this week than they did in the past with the more traditional “couple of practices and a game” setup.

It’s fun for the players, we get quick little internet clips of things like Jason Kelce completely failing at long snapping, and the world moves on. I’m fine with it.

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