FWIW: Next year's schedule is more or less set

the optimist in me says ‘holy shit that’s a pretty good schedule, I can see 11 wins!’ and then the lions fan in me says ‘so, top 10 pick again eh?’


What’s better than a Top 10 TE?

TWO Top 10 TE’s!

That’s cooler than being cool!

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Ice cold!!

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That really could be a nice schedule for Detroit. If they don’t make the playoffs next year with those opponents then they really should blow the whole thing up.

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We can never not play Arizona.

It’s bizarre.


Oh no the schedule saves Patty cakes and Quinn’s jobs the Lions go 11-5…:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: To be honest though that schedule isnt that tough but this is the Lions so more than likely 8-8.

Noticed that all those teams are NFL franchises. Detroit always seems to have a hard time playing franchises. I’ll go 8-8, just sounds so…Lionzy.

I’d rather give a new regime a shot at that schedule. Quinntricia already had this year with a last place schedule and got an astounding 3 wins out of it.

The team as is (healthy), would have a hard time winning 4 games.
They better figure out how to play defense.

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isn’t it crazy we were 2-0-1 and should have been 3-0-1 if not for some pretty suspicious league interference.

I honestly wonder what would’ve happened had that game played out as intended. No matter how professional you are, when the rules are changed against you I’d imagine it’s hard to get fired up to play again.

Though what you say is true, I’m beginning to believe there is no helping this defensive scheme. One bad loss that should have been a W, does not change the fact that this defense typically makes every QB we face look like a HOFer. I think we lack talent yes, but I also feel that this scheme makes the talent we do have, look even worse than it is. I gave it one heck of a chance, but I look through sad eyes at this point, because it’s the HC’s system and it appears to me, fatally flawed. Just like when Marinelli was running the Tampa 2 wrong by playing way off man with our CB’s which allowed for guaranteed completions even when the rush was getting there quickly. Basically we are running bend but don’t break, but then we usually break as well.

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and the GB game is a good example. Rodgers didn’t have a ‘bad game’ but he was saddled with a bunch of young WRs. if memory serves they were dropping crap or breaking wrong on routes.

I’m not sure what happened between 2nd half last year and this year, aside of injuries.

Booger summed it up again in last night’s game when he was talking about Brees…
Mayo said it in an interview I shared a couple years ago…

You have to be able to bring pressure from 4. Brees had a career night last night, but what’s going to happen when he’s facing better competition that is able to bring pressure with 7 in coverage? That’s the ideal that EVERY team in the NFL is working toward. Our bend breaks when our front 4 can’t reach home.

If I’m going to criticize the DC for the decisions they’re making, it’s not working harder to get their capable pass-rushers in position to rush. Kennard, Flowers and Robinson. I’m throwing a 4-3 Under out there all game with Okwara as the Left End, Snacks as the 1, Robinson at the 3 and Kennard as the Right End. Flowers would rotate 3 different spots (both ends and the 3). Might even throw some wide-9 4-3 Over looks at them and let my big LB’s clean up the middle.

But then as soon as I say that I flash back to Snacks tripping himself up trying a swim move. There’s a lot of the team like that. Good 2-gap ability with no 1-gap ability (or vice-versa).

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Sure, that’s fine to look at it from a Lions fans perspective. I would venture to guess though that Arizona, the Chargers and the Eagles all felt they should have won the games they played against us. So, 0-4 heading to Lambeau could have just as easily happened if the other teams didn’t self implode.

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After what we are witnessing on the field this season I have a very hard time looking at that schedule and seeing more than 3 or 4 wins, and 1 of those teams I would hope to win just kicked our asses this past weekend.

Where the hell does anyone see a gimmie win on that schedule?

Quinn and Patricia have a lot of work to do to gain my confidence back.


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You going to post this everywhere Barth?

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