FWIW: The Eagles tried to get the Lions & Cowboys to stop hosting Thanksgiving games

They withdrew the proposal. It’ll be interesting to see if it ever changes. I hope not.

I am surprised any other team would want to play on Thanksgiving. It has become a tradition for Detroit and Dallas, so I get why they keep doing. You always here the coaches and players complaining about the short turnaround week for playing on Thursday nights, and yet other teams want to play on Thursday early afternoon?

But I have noticed that Detroit doesn’t actually play any other Thursday night games. I think the only one they did was a game against GB when they both played on Thanksgiving and played against each other the next Thursday. Only time in the 10 years of TNF that Detroit has played (maybe that’s the real beef?).

F the Eagles.

Seriously, f- them.


That does it. I’m eating Eagle instead of Turkey this Thanksgiving.
Ben Franklin would be proud of me.


The only lions games i had an opportunity to watch while in the service were Thanksgiving Day games in the late 70s…the Lions dont have much in the way of tradition over the past 50 years, this is one of the few, you all have your Super Bowls…leave us alone…

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The Thanksgiving game is usually the only one I care about when we’re terrible.

It would be a true shame to rob the local Detroit fans of one of the bright spots they have.