FYI: for those out of market Lion fans: Sunday Ticket $80

Saw a commercial on GMFB moments ago that the Sunday ticket is available for $80; Thanksgiving special. Last 7 games, can record pause etc…

Yesterday I was tempted… but I’m not sure how this works. On YouTube it said Sunday ticket special for $34.??/month and 22.??/month With YouTube subscription. It said I’d be charged all 4 months even though less than 2 months remain.

My wife initially signed up for YouTube TV and made traverse city our home to get Lions games. After the bye week they must have caught on and suddenly we didn’t get the Lions anymore. So she’s cancelling it now.

GB is what the UP prioritizes. Matter of fact GB is local for most of our area.

My question is, if Lions are televised in GB area, does that mean they’re blacked out on Sunday ticket?

Without subscribing to YouTube, it is $139. 7 games left, 2 are already non-Sunday ticket games (GB and Dallas). The Denver game looks like it will be moved to Saturday. That leaves 4 games (Saints, Bears and 2 Vikings) that would be Sunday Ticket games. Of those 4 I am guessing up to 3 would be shown on most out-of-market cities.

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I am in a lions market but am still tempted to do this.

I am just going to go to the bar.


I live in north central Wisconsin and a friend of mine has the Sunday ticket. To answer your question, yes if the Lions are on the local broadcast then the game is blacked out in Sunday ticket. THough this counts for any game, so you would probable have most of the Packers games blacked out, which I personally do not have an issue with.

that’s the analysis i did at the start of the year, and again when the special came up. not worth it. Kind of ironic that there was more value when our team was bad and not on prime-time much.

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That is exactly what that means. Local games are blacked out, as well as any nationally televised games. Basically anything that would show up on your TV screen naturally will be blacked out on Sunday Ticket. What is weird is Sunday Ticket is also blacked out in/around NFL stadiums. So if you go to an NFL game you can’t pull up Sunday Ticket to check out what’s going on in other games.

For anyone with Verizon, its the opposite of Sunday Ticket. Every game that is “natural” to your market is free to view on their app. So all of the “in market” games as well as all of the nationally televised games.

Would this be considered extra Goodell porn star revenue?

Looking at the Lions remaining schedule and the Packers schedule here is my best guesses on which Lions games with be televised locally. Not mentioning tomorrow for obvious reasons.

Week 13 - Packers have late game, Vikings and Bears on bye, Lions game good chance unless the local broadcast chooses a different game like they did this last Sunday.

Week 14 - Packers and Vikings have late games, The Lions and Bears play each other. So unless your local broadcast decides not to air the Lions game it should be on locally.

Week 15 & 18 - The Lions games are TBD so it is anyone’s guess.

Week 16 - Packers and Lions play at same time, so no local broadcast for the Lions is my guess.

Week 17 - Primetime game for the Lions.

So basically for me and anyone outside of the Detroit broadcast area there is 2 games left out of 7 that we will be able to watch. 2 More that we may be able to watch depending on when they are scheduled for. For those of us in the Packers broadcast area 1 game that will not be broadcast locally and 2 more that may or may not be broadcast locally.

I’ve always paid for ticket, as I have not lived local since college. Some years I use it and some years I have used some “other sources” and let my dad with use it. With the Lions being relevant and good this year I think there has only been 3 out of 10 games thus far that have not been able to be seen on my local stations. There is no comparison between between YTST and DTVST. The quality is so much better. Never lags out and it never pixelates. DTVSN would lag out 3-4 games a year and would be constantly pixelating. It’s worth getting.

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