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I wonder if anyone ever thought posting Lions’ wins highlights would become such a demanding side hustle.



I’m disappointed. :laughing:

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Man, we got really lucky on that INT. Harris, Joseph, and Walker all bit hard on the play action. There wasn’t anyone within 10 yards of Evans. Buggs deserves the game ball just for that.


Is this the busiest Sandman’s ever been? Gotta be close to it.

Man even on Reynolds’ one highlight run the Bucs had a guy five yards in the backfield. They really dominated our running game. They’re very good against the run and we were a little banged up inside, but you don’t like to see it this one-sided.

Would’ve been a completely different game
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Craig was a little hesitant with defenders coming. Never stop! Decide on the run. With his power, he will gain 5 yards after contact if he doesn’t stop.

My coaching advice to Craig “pretend everyone is Carlton Davis”

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Look who finally woke up. Not that political “woke” bullshit. Just watching all these slo-lights through the years and something just dawned on me. You can technically throw a flag at least twice on every play. Feel the refs are in a “pick-n-choose” who gets a flag and when. I get it now.

See, us old farts can get up to speed…

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