Game today

Good game today from. Coaching , to special teams, offense and yes the defense. Just one of the most complete games we have played.

Not perfect, but really good win in all phases.

Goff started a little slow but step up nicely and made really nice throws . Was in command of the offense. 7-4 in last 7 games.

Swift another big run today and a big pass, this guy is stepping up a little more this year.

St Brown the guy shows up every game and every play. Him and Goff got a pretty good connection going. This was a Home run pic by Holmes.

The Oline is like a Timex , it takes a licking and keeps on ticking, next guy up . Kinda like the game not perfect but good enough to control the game. Just a good group.

Defense I said I thought it would be better then most thought. I like what they did today, still more work to do but alot better then most have given credit.

Hutch everything you wanted, I still have to pinch myself in believing we got him. 3 sacks and just monster. This is a piece that helps this defense get better fast.

Rodrigo another Home run pic , no matter where he was picked people were sleeping on this guy, all over the field making plays. You can see he’s a fixture on this defense. And his play is another reason this defense is improved.

Okaduh he has been good his improvement and health has help this defense also if he keeps going these are 3 nice Conner stones of the defense.


I like the steps they are taking… which was impressive with a bunch of players inactive or on IR today.

The Lions usually are terrible with a few injuries… so this speaks ro the roster depth being built.

Super anxious to see how they perform once some of the injured defensive playrs return.

Also really happy that we have a bunch of subs playing… bit they aren’t getting flagged left and right for dead ball penalties like we are used to seeing.


of all the coaching points…. this staff has been the best I can remember at limiting dead ball penalties.


I think that Josh Pascal is a big part of how they want to rush the passer. I think he’s the bull in the china shop with all the stunts and twists happening around him.


I think about the Bills rotation…… which wore out the Rams on opening night…. and that is what I hope for once Paschal returns (plus at least one of the Okwaras).

ROkwara (maybe next next year?)

Heck… I was kind of thinking they could have used Barnes as a edge blitzer today when Hutch was hobbled. See @Cap … I like your guy.

I like it… just keep adding big & strong athletic freaks that show they can get to the QB…. and it will pay off.

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The Chicago Bears could not stop the run against the Packers, they got gashed, they could use the TALENTS of Barnes, I am through with this team, no reason for Barnes not to play on defense.

Lions: 1 penalty for 5 yards

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Swift ran the ball only 5 times for 56 yards
I’m totally okay with this
His ypc is off the charts so far
If he can be limited when he’s less than 100% he might actually last a full season
I’d be fine with him averaging 10-15 carries per game if that keeps him on the active roster

Except for the fact that he is out of position on most plays and slow to react on others. He just isn’t very good. More athlete then football player.


Enjoy why you can, it won’t last. Barnes is a good football player, and his talents will be used one day in the NFL, if not by the Lions, then another team. Remember the last coach that treated him badly got fired. Campbell may be the next, his love affair with Anzalone is the only reason Barnes is not on the field, it happened last year too and Campbell is the common denominator. You have nothing to brag about here. 1 win against a weak team does not make a season.

Id think it’s obvious Anzalone is the better player right now. Barnes hasn’t earned it. That is on Barnes not MCDC. Barnes graded out a 29 something last week. Only a fool would start the worse lber, and try and sell the team that the best player will start.


Barnes may get better who knows. But in any case your running Campbell down for not playing Barnes and it probably has more to do with Arron Glenn not trusting him. You say play him at all cost but it doesn’t work that way.
But To down grade yesterdays win on account Barne’s lack of playing time just shows you really don’t have any idea what your talking about. And are so obsessed with Barnes that you missed the whole game.


I have often stated I am not a fan of PFF politics, however let’s go down that road, I believe Anzalone graded a 40, 11% points better, so that earned him practically every snap and a 29 earned Barnes none. Not to mention Board graded 70 ahead of Anzalone, according to your analogy the starters should have been Rodrigo and Board, with those two getting the lions share of the snaps, get real Anzalone is terrible.

When did I say play him at all cost. Barnes has earned it as much as any LB in that room, if you deny that it is your bias. Kelvin Sheppard the LB coach just stated in his most recent media session that he has 4 os 5 LB ‘s he trusts on the field at any time, I believe Glenn trust his LB coach. He is the coach of the LB so it is not a trust of his ability to play. Of the 4 rotating LBs from a week ago Barnes is the only player that didn’t play on the defense. He didn’t even get in for mop up duty in the second game of the season, he could not have fallen from grace that rapidly. Why is that, I can’t think of any other reason than Campbell, but if you can good for you. Like I said before his statement in hard knocks “ we don’t need all that flash” told me how he feels about Barnes.

And yet we had our best defensive game so far.
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I love me some Monday morning comedy!! :crazy_face:


No, that stink is your bias
Get a grip man

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This thread got weird quick…
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The defense gave up 27 pts, 337 yds passing and 88 on the ground to a team that was 7 and 10 last year and finished third in their division, what a defense WOW.

Bummer, no more Barnes is fab threads! …:wink:

Because I choose to come on this forum and advocate for Barnes has nothing to do with Barnes, or his ability to play, you make it your business to knock Barnes down every time you catch me advocating for him. I’d say that is a bias you have developed against Barnes because you don’t like me advocating for him. GET OVER IT, judge Barnes for the players he is and not based on your dislike of me.

You get a grip