Geez with this kind of coaching how do you ever expect to win


My takeaway:

22 first downs given up on 4 possessions equalling 4 consecutive scores. This is against the Washington football team with a 3rd string, one legged Alex Smith at QB.

This is as bad as it gets against a poor team and non-mobile QB.


I need more evaluation of this to even begin to lay judgement from a fans point of view … like, I would need to understand what he meant by “play faster man coverage”?! What is he really saying here?

And when’s the last time we had a coach not fess up a short coming like this with some honesty?

It’s refreshing to hear a coach say “I could have done this or that and I think it would have be better for us”?!

We complain about MP not being honest and then we have a coach actually do that … and we still complain

I feel like the OP was complaining about the poor coaching leading to 22 first downs in the second half … not so much about the honesty.


Which is a choice my friend!

Not good or bad… but my observation

We love to go with the bad here and only the bad.

I prefer to look for the good and simply improve the stuff that’s need improvement… not slam even little play and thought …

I need, not simply want, each day I am given to live about the gratitude of things and people - not anger, negativity and resentment… life is too short baby!!

Love you all no matter what!

I don’t have a problem with all of the man coverage. I have a problem with us being not particularly good at playing man coverage.



I can only hope he’s trolling the fans with his comments here. What other excuse could there be other than extreme arrogance and/or stupidity?

How large of a sample size do the Lions defensive coaches need before they figure out that this defense playing man coverage is not a recipe for success? I know they want it to be, but at what point do they accept that it’s not?


I also wonder how much of not all of that is meant as a smokescreen or meant to throw off other coaches moving forward… i almost feel like he’s being too honest, not that he’s giving away play calls or anything, but by saying things like “we should’ve played more man” then they come out and play a bunch of zone the next week?

I’m probably not articulating this very well, and I don’t know much about nfl defense, but I imagine they play a lot of mixed zone/man coverages too, so, what exactly is he really saying or giving away or intentionally saying?

Just a random thought

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Was the defense really good shutting them down first half or
Did Washington make some errors and bad play calls ?
Alex Smith started 4-4 and if not for calling a trick play it didn’t look like they needed
I’m not sure lions hold them on first drive.

I though Washington had success both halves


I love man coverage, but not when the pass rush is zilch. Still feel like we need more pressure…annnnd way better coaching. I hate ultra-conservative philosophy, regardless of scoreboard.

I think some are missing it , the guy says he would like to have went to man more. Even thou it was proved to be infective. Yet he would do more, if one thing isnt working and and one thing is working yet you choose to do more of what has proven to fail. When we went to man they couldn’t even so them down. Then you come out and say you should have played more man. Pretty much if we would have went to man earlier we would have lost.

The philosophy on man coverage is as bad as there philosophy on rushing the passer. They will keep doing things that just doesn’t work and has proven not to work. You can’t get dumber then this.

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I interpreted it slightly different

In saying they needed to mix it up more
So play more man mixed with zone
Thst might’ve helped confuse Alex some

Aqib was saying it about Stafford and why he’s successful late. Staff knows coverage will be man and just needs the right read snd to throw.

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There’s been so much of a lack of continuity in coaches while many preach the value of continuity in the head coach.

Thst could be hurting team especially in a year like this.


Ideally the Lions should be playing 50/50 …everything should be 50/50 it’s the best way to keep teams guessing on both sides of the ball …Run/Pass, Under-Center/Shotgun etc…

It’s not so simple as man and zone or what we are better at, and why we play it & when …

Our switch to more Zone was not about coverage . It was a result of a piss poor run defense …

If our front 7 was getting the Job done against the run we would still be playing more man coverage

Zone is a huge help in the run game as compared to man . CB"s are not playing the run when in man , they are playing the receiver and by the time they realize it’s a run often they are to late especially on any delayed run that has O-Lineman blocking in a pass set first .

This teams only hope of fixing this is to trust the CB’s we have & put them in press man with a single high in any 3rd and long play and use the extra defender to double any man beater RB , WR or TE running a crossing route that our LB’s can not seem to get a handle on.

Zone coverage gets eaten alive by strong armed QB’s and QB’s that have all day to wait around for a WR or player to sit down or get in between zones because we can’t generate pressure …
Zone also hinders any Blitz we might try because that only increases the area and zone size of the players still in coverage when a defender does blitz never mind the quick vacant hole that is established when that player does blitz .

This team needs to get ultra aggressive when we take leads and stop with the getting nickeled and dimed stuff .


Undlin blows, this defense is not better even when he helps Patricia.

no no no you don’t understand. the brilliance of Lions coaching is to keep repeating the same thing over and over but expect different results.

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This is true, but from what I see not the Coach issue …The argument has been and I agree with Patricia that the Defense does work. It’s not pretty but it works if executed .

It is not about shutting teams down …we do not have the talent to do so …few if any do .

If you point to the chess board as a Coach of a player and show them where they need to move and be but they do not go there or are late or when they fail to read the board properly that is not a scheme issue , it’s an execution issue.
In the Washington game alone a failed tackle , a missed read , back to back penalties on 3rd and long that would have secured the win if the player executed it and or if a phantom Flag is not thrown …is not a scheme issue or Coach issue …the play called worked . The player failed .

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Unless the coach hasn’t properly prepared or coached the player
Or is expecting the player to do something that’s too difficult.

If Daniels starts I’d hope they adjust play calls to do whst he can do rather than expect he can do what Stafford can do …
if they ask him to be staffird and he can’t execute , the coaching decision plays a role

Yeah, it’s a weird article. I almost feel like Undlin just miss-spoke or the reporter got it mixed-up.
Undlin basically saying, yeah we did a lot better in the first half in zone, then we went to man and didn’t do as well, so I wish we would have went more man earlier??!!?!

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