Geno Smith Gonna Get Paid. But by whom?

Seattle probably. But how certain is that?

From PFF: "The season Smith just had was remarkable. He passed for over 4,500 yards and threw 32 touchdowns with just 12 interceptions. It was most notable because of just how far it exceeded expectations, but it’s impossible to miss how far it fell away as the season wore on.

“Up to Week 8, Smith boasted the No. 2 PFF grade (88.4), trailing only Bills QB Josh Allen. From that point on, he ranked 25th (67.0) with numbers that looked a lot more like his previous baseline. Smith clearly demonstrated that he could be a capable starter, but he also tied for the league lead in turnover-worthy plays over the regular season and may not be worth a massive contract extension.”

Seattle won’t tag him at over $32M in 2023, would they? So there could be true bidding competition for his services. The only reason I care is because of the implications for the Lions pick at #6 if Seattle is mulling QBs at #5. I’d like that.

What are the chances Geno Smith stays with Seattle?


I think they just might…that way they don’t have to give him a long term deal. He’s had 1 good season in his career, franchise tag is a lot less risk than a 3 or 4 year deal. They traded Russ because they didn’t want to pay him right! Why would they pay Geno, who is basically the same age.


Geno might be the perfect 1 year bridge for Seattle to take QB @5.
Vegas might bid for his services as well for the same reason.


Geno is no spring chicken and is going to want a 3 yr deal where 2 of it is Real Money and Yr 3 is If He Keeps It Up money.

3/90 w60 guaranteed…soemthing like that

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Is Geno a system qb is the question? Can he thrive in a system different from Seattle?

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If you had told me that prior to this year id have laughed. Now due to how well he played it’s actually a possibility. Talk about a guy turning it around

Back to the Jets???

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According to Ben Solak and some of the other Ringer podcast guys, Geno has told Seattle that he will take less to stay. 3/75m perhaps.

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They should take that deal.

If they draft a guy, nonway he even comes close to what Geno did in Yr 1, maybe Yr 2.


Given the career Smith has had up to now, my guess is he knows what he has in Seattle. It’s a good fit. He’d be crazy to go to Carolina, or back to the Jets for a couple bucks. Pete won’t be wherever he would wind up.


Feels good for Geno, man. Love to see a guy get a shot later in his career and cash in. Perfect for the Seahawks too. Geno is a perfect bridge QB.


Performed at a high level for half a season
3 / 75 may seem cheap these days but man


Geno’s contract with the Seahawks will tell us and the entire NFL before the draft whether he’s viewed as a bridge QB or not. If Geno bridges for, say, Anthony Richardson, that could only benefit the Lions.

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Mayan. I thought he was a youngster for some reason. LOL.
I have thought he was a touch underrate d, these last couple of years…because I thought he was a rook. LOL. Never connected the dots.

I agree he is a bridge an Seattle may take a QB in this draft they have a lot of picks.

That number was just my guess.

“They wrote me off, but I didn’t write back.” - Geno Smith

I am also watching Emoni Bates and loving it. I realize he is still a kid but instead of rock bottom defining him, he has kept fighting. There was a stat the other night that showed how he scored 29 straight points for his team.


This would be really smart for all parties involved

Ooo! Ooo!
“The NFL Celebrity Players Games”
And instead of Pro Bowl, a player will be selected to the “Celebrity Games”.

The contract structure is important, but to me that sounds like a bridge QB. That’s important in my master plan to secure Jalen Carter for the Lions at #6.

Chicago won’t trade any further down than #4 and take Will Anderson Jr. The Oilers and the Colts of course take QBs, and Arizona–who needs more picks in their rebuild–trades down with either the Raiders or Panthers, who then take the 3rd QB.

In that scenario, Will Levis, CJ Stroud, and Bryce Young are gone. Seattle, with picks up their yingyang and their mobile bridge QB in place, might snag Anthony Richardson.

Might could. How likely is this to happen?

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  • 30% or more

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