George Paton first person to have face to face meeting. Finalist

Wood’s did say all finalist would be met with in person…George Paton met with the lions in person yesterday. :man_shrugging:t2:


Not my favorite candidate, but not a horrendous choice.

I understand the concern that Rick Spielman could be replaced by a copy of Street and Smith and the assumption that Paton would be similar. But frankly, as long as the head coaching choice is good-to-great, I can live with that. Average-ish talent acquisition + good coaching and schemes + Stafford should be a recipe for a quick turnaround and the ability to make noise in the playoffs relatively quickly.


He has strong ties to Bieniemy and Bevell. Could be an interesting 48 hours…or not.:joy:


Today’s the Saleh virtual interview. Hopefully that leads to another GM interview (Dodds). If we don’t hear about a Dodds interview coming by the end of the day tomorrow, I’m calling the race. Paton/Lewis.

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God I hope not to either.

I could get behind that…more bc of Lewis…I would be okay w that…


And dig this!

Chris speilman s brother as a GM has worked with this dude!

I’ve always thought over the last 5 years or so that the Vikings had one of the most talented rosters in the league but were held back by inconsistent QB play so I’d be ok with this. Plus, George Patton is one of the greatest leaders in American history. :wink:


ditto, bruddah. Not my first choice, but there’s a lot of team-building credibility with both. Being the miserly fellow I am, I’ve noticed the Bengals being in the mix for compensatory picks each year, right up there with New England, Baltimore and Seattle.

Plus, Lewis has more division championships (4) slugging it out with Pittsburgh and Baltimore over his 15 years in the AFC North than we have in our entire NFC North/Central history (3).

Not the rising star and a bit of a mellow Caldwell-type persona, but possesses a kind of experience that you can’t help but appreciate. It would be sooooooo much nicer had he at least won ONE playoff game, so that will always be hanging over him, but still… 4 division championships.


Not a fan because of the Spielman connection. Would feel like Lions yet again allowed someone’s personal bias to determine their hiring.


I was hinting at that… makes a cause for concern imho

I could easily see a Paton and Lewis hiring.

Roll with an older HC for the next 5 years or so of likely Stafford quality play.

Then bring in a young HC to pair with our new young QB whomever that may be.

Just spitballing here.

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Street and Smith mocks don’t draft long snappers so there’s that.

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Exactly, and if stafford stays, perhaps it’s the kind of union that brings success to both people…

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I have really come around on Lewis. I can see how that can work here.


We need to stop agreeing so much lately…its throwing me off. :joy: :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

JK. You are right.

Taking a front office guy from the Vikings (!) because the new zero-experience assistant to Rod and Sheila has had privileged knowledge of him through his brother, who is only going to say good things about a long time employee anyway, is such a dumb thing to do. Its basically Chris Spielman making this decision ffs, I doubt the Lions would be this keen if Spielman was still at Fox. Crazy if you ask me.

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Welcome aboard!

Personally, I’m for anyone that kicked Rommel’s ass, held Hitler’s attention with a fake army so D-Day could happen and saved the fellas at Bastogne.

Don’t let him near the guys on the IR though…


We’ll always have 9.


Totally get this perspective and agree. Have to wonder if Rick is putting in the good word behind the scenes