Georgia vs LSU SEC Championship Game

Lots of Lions prospects playing now.

LSU has to be looking at this playoff mess and saying, “dayum we could be playing for the playoffs rn if we hadn’t lost to Texas A&M”.

Do you think the committee would put a 2 loss LSU who won the SEC championship over UGA and beat Alabama over TCU or Ohio State? I think its definitely possible.

A year ago in this game, Jameson Williams torched Georgia.

And now he’s playing tommorow!!!

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i honestly dont even know

If TCU drops over Bama imma be pissed lol

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Ringo is built strange for a corner. Like a RB almost.

Hahahaha. Oh boy.

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Jalen Carter blocked FG. That guy has hops for a big guy


What the heck was LSU thinking…

Well this is one way to wear out that Georgia defense

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That is something that would historically happen to the Lions


Things I think I know:

  1. TCU’s OT loss means they stay at 3. There is no logical explanation for OSU to move up two spots from 5 to 3. OSU didn’t play and don’t think they should be rewarded for not playing.

  2. About the only question left is if Michigan moves up to no. 1 if Georgia loses and they win.

  3. I’m gonna guess final standings:

Alabama (2 loses—end of discussion)


Saw Lem Barney do this once, except it was on punt return. Cincy was watching ball roll dead, he was standing with hands on hips, then ran in to scoop & score. Gotta know the rules, boys.


That’s what committee wants.

Just made a Boutte Call.

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Yeah, I hear ya but honestly I don’t really think that is right either. Making it to a conference championship has a lot to do with who is in your division and who you lost to. TCU’s loss to Kansas St is a lot less understandable than Ohio State’s loss to Michigan. Michigan is clearly a better team than Kansas St., any give Saturday notwithstanding. Of course, Ohio State didn’t lose to Michigan in OT either . Neither won a conference championship and both have one loss. I think most would agree Ohio State is the more talented team, but who knows.

color guy saying Carter should be taken over Anderson. Right after Carter had two pressures in a row

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I’d be really disappointed in the committee if they move OSU into 3. And the way the SEC championship is going, I’m not even sure the Michigan/Purdue means anything—strictly from a Playoff rankings standpoint.

#goalpost! Go El Ess Yeww, come back and make this a game

Well that was a blatant PI…refs in the tank for GA

UM fans are terrified of the prospects of playing OSU again

Ohio State Buckeyes GIF by Ohio State Athletics