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I know we can use WR, QB, and O-line help…I get it, but do so in free agency. Draft the best defensive help you possibly can !

Serious effort has to be made injecting talent into our defense…our offense can get refined in free agency…my two cents.

I mentioned Zaven Collins in another thread. He’s becoming my favorite LB. This guy at safety is another I’d target if we could move down a bit.


The Trojan Missile is a fairly NC-17 nickname though

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They don’t have any receivers signed next season outside of Cephus. Almost all the available cap space will be used up on that position. The defense will have to be upgraded through the draft.

Talanoa Hufanga reminds me of Troy Polamalu and he went to USC too. He has physical reckless play and is very versatile. Could be a nice addition to bring some toughness to the defense.

C.J. Moore and Tracy Walker are signed to 2021. Will Harris 2022. Harmon, Kearse, and Killebrew will be free agents.

Nope. Do your research. Produce a list, and draft the best possible player available according to your board. If, when you draft, the next 6 guys on your list are offensive, take an offensive player.
Don’t reach.
The position you need now, might not be the position you need come opening day.
Which is why I will die believing you should draft players, not positions.
Good example I can use, I didn’t hate the Hock pick, cause i fully believed he could be a BPA type guy. I, personally, preferred Oliver or Wilkins. But Hock was as good a prospect as there was in that draft, and so far, it’s proven right. Flip the page: Jarred Davis was IMO a great BPA pick too… turns out he sucks. I don’t believe in science, or formula’s when it comes to drafts. Always take talent over need.

Tankathon has us drafting a WR at #7
Need that stuff in FA like the OP stated.

Only 5 draft picks, they better be all defense or 4 defense and if a QB is worthwhile.

Hock was a need pick, so was Okudah…actually, probably more of WANT picks than either BPA or NEED.

Was Hock a need if you’ve already signed Jesse James? Don’t get me wrong, I like Hock.

I guess it comes down to personal opinion then. He fit a need definitely, but he was arguably the BPA too.

Geronimo Allison is also signed for what it’s worth.