Get ready to trade future draft picks

Right now, the Lions have all 7 2022 picks, plus the Rams 1st, the Patriots 7th (conditionally), and comp picks in the third (Golladay), 2 in the 5th (Davis and Jones), and possibly another if we get one for Amendola, Peterson, Griffen, or Harmon. That makes 13 picks, and with all the minority coaches and we brought in, plus Ray Agnew, there is a chance to get an extra 3rd if one of those guys becomes a HC or GM. We currently have 6 picks in this year’s draft. I fully expect Brad Holmes to trade a future pick to get a pick this year. Similar to the trade we made for DeShawn Hand, trading a future 3rd for a current 4th. I think Brad will want to have at least 9 draft picks this year. That could come from trading down or trading future picks, or both.


I think they would go the trade down to acquire more picks then the other way around. There is a lot less information available this year and it is going to be an even bigger crapshoot then normal after the top 3 rounds. I think they would sooner get more picks in 2022 then give some up.


They only hand out 32 comp picks total. We sent getting more than 2-3 at best. A 3rd for KG is guaranteed. After that I’d say jones gets us a 5th. We might get a 7th somewhere.
William’s will erase some of the low end losses

I think you are right, it seems Holmes prefers to have as much draft capital as possible (based on the stafford trade he chose, the way he is working FA with comp pick considerations). Maybe he wasn’t very happy not having high picks to use in LA since Snead always traded them away?

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Stack dem beanz!


Brad and the Bean Stack


Based on LAR history I’d say draft capital is low priority. They trade away draft picks all the time.

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But was that snead or Holmes driving that decision making?

If I may clarify :nerd_face:. Rams consistently trade down to get more draft picks. They also had more comp picks on average that most teams. They are already slated to get 5 in 2022 except that 4 is the max.

What the Rams don’t care about is 1st rounders. Snead is on record as saying that 1st rounders are for that rare freak athlete that can do what no one else can (like an Aaron Donald). He prefers to trade his 1st rounders for proven studs like Jalen Ramsey or Mathew Stafford.


I’ve been trying to peel apart Snead and Holmes now that they are both driving their own offseason apart.

Holmes is making a lot of very good moves in my opinion. Bringing in better players for less money. No big contracts or handcuffs.

Snead on the other hand was forced to cut a lot of good players because of the ridiculous contracts he gave out over the last 4 years (they are still paying Gurley). In the moves he did make, he gave a huge contract to Floyd (a very good player but that is big risk), and brought in a broken Meshawn Jackson.

Every day I am more convinced that Holmes was the brains behind the Rams awesome personnel moves and Snead is a wild trader that goes all-in on every move (Like Stafford trade).


I understand that the minority employee has to be with your team at least 2 years before you can get a comp pick if they’re hired as a HC or GM. So that won’t happened in 2022.

Think before when we got third from Rams in Matt trade they knew they had a third coming a comp. They traded that to us an we didn’t know till league made the trade official.

We know now we have a couple of fifth rd an a third what number we don’t know an we likey get a 7th for kilibrew maybe a 6th

We don’t need a huge number next season or draft.

We would be better off adding a few this year next year we will have enough an we don’t know who may want to trade down this year.

I would say trade a couple of comp picks if they can for picks this year. Also if they can trade down.

I would like to have at least 9 picks this draft an we still would have 8 or 9 next season Plus we will have a lot of cap for extending are players an adding key FA
Right now we will have 40 plus mil even if cap stays the same.
Fans forget the dead cap this year is cap for next season 2022 an we have over 41 million of dead cap this season.

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“There will be four quarterbacks taken in the first six or seven picks of the draft. Take that to the bank.”

—Adam Schefter, on ESPN’s NFL Live show.

A strong possibility that a trade down opportunity will be there.

And, unlike Quinn, a new front office that would actually avail themselves of the right opportunity.


Everyone already knows this, but…
Just because there are 32 picks in the 1st round does not mean there are 32 players with a 1st round grade.

If you go by’s grading and call everyone with a 6.7 or higher ( 6.7-6.8=Year 1 quality starter) a 1st round talent, there were only 14. This year there are less than 10.

Now, cue up the video someone shared the other day with a video breakdown of the top-50 prospects this year. Is there really that big of a drop-off?

Point is, when the pool of 2nd round talent is strong, and the pool of 1st round talent is weak or runs out before you pick, why not trade?


Trading down would have been prudent in 2013.

The so-called “2d Round talent” was better from pick No. 19 to 36 than the “1st Round talent” taken higher.

In 2014, the talent in the second eight picks [9 through 16], was better than the talent in picks 1 through 8.

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This team lacks high end talent and depth. I don’t think we can go wrong drafting some Elite talent at 7 or trading back for more picks. Either way we are addressing needs. It’s nice having the ammo in the next couple drafts to be able to add depth or move around and get the players we want.


Someone was talking about how Holmes values late round talent, and only wants to waste first round picks if there is a truly special talent. Almost feels like we’re gonna trade back and grab a WR, RB and OL in the first 2 rounds. :wink:
Just putting that energy out there.

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Holmes is a scout and a draft guy at heart. I’d think he would value draft picks more than Snead ever has. Sure he learned how to build a team through trading 1st round picks for proven players, but you can see Holmes left and the Rams end up sending two more future 1’s without any influence from Holmes.

The only trading of picks will probably be to get more picks with Holmes in charge.


Because the evaluation and needs of a team also reflect that while these players get scored , they’re ultimately individuals that the team is gambling on

So Just dropping back to get a guy with a similar score doesn’t consider too much on all the harder to measure stuff that’s off the books - how will he be as a professional ?

Imo I believe a lot of time picks are made as teams love the individual not just the grade
And any player they pick , they believe will add to the team. So it’s not just any 3rd round pick - it’s how that third rounder fits with the team youre attempting to build.

While we consider these lottery tickets or crap shoots
The truth is a lot of money and time is invested to scout these players so the teams are doing a lot to try and mitigate their risks - it’s not a blind choice or up to chance.

If you thought a Aaron Donald could help your team but didn’t want to draft a DT that high , the Lions couldn’t guarantee trading back to get him. So if one believes , let’s say Hock was a reach , but Lions saw him as the preferred first round player and difference maker … how far could they drop and get their guy ?

Golladay another later round example - a bit off radar yet he was a difference maker - lions could’ve traded back to net two Deshawn Hands or whatever but ultimately the team is drafting individuals to fit into their organization.

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