Getting drunk tonight

So not trying to be political but today the RRF replenishment failed to pass the senate. It would have been a life line for me and dozens of fellow restaurant owners I know

Literally on the turn of a few votes I went from security and being able to sleep finally (that’s why I post so goddamn much) or losing years of my life worrying that this business I spent my life making can continue to exist beyond this summer

well….It is what it is. Im cracking another beer. Love you guys. and go lions


I don’t give a damn about the politics…

but I am truly sorry to hear about the trouble this is causing you now.
Stay strong my brother… I hope for good things to find you and all of your employees.



Hope there is another avenue.

SBA EIDL just ran dry too, they kept pinging us to take out more loan amount…nope.

Michigan put through a statewide version of something similar that released funds to bowling alleys, hair salons and a few other targeted businesses. Hope Oregon may have similar.

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Maybe you should start making ethanol instead of beer. By summer’s end, business should be booming.

Hang in there, T. (and pardon my sarcastic humor/commentary on current events. it was either “make ethanol” or “what’s it matter, nobody will be able to afford to drive to your place anyway”)


Sorry to hear, hoping business explodes for you


Just had to post this snippet from an article. (apolitical)
Both political parties agreed that the RRF should be replenished but couldn’t reach a consensus on how to pay for it. “Blanks” generally wanted to treat replenishment as emergency spending, while “Blanks” generally wanted existing funds reallocated.”

Both parties agreed it should be replenished.
Like, two guys standing beside a person chocking, but one wants the Heimlich and the other just wants a stiff swat on the back. Since they can’t decide which method is best to safe the choking person, the let him choke.


Is This Real Life David After Dentist GIF

After the last 2 years… when they printed more money than God can make…

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I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I hope another avenue opens up. I made myself a strong cocktail tonight in your honor. A cheers to you, friend, and that better days lie ahead.


That sucks man, I’m really sorry to hear it, hang in there.


thanks for the messages friends. It was a dark afternoon. But My Lions family here helped


Sending love, brother.

You should post the name of your restaurant, so we can come and eat there, when we’re in the area. That would be awesome…as long as you promise not to put laxatives in my dinner because I want to upgrade our QB. :facepunch: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry to hear that T. Just curious, the restaurant industry seems to be booming right now…I’m frankly shocked about the number of restaurants that said they would go out of business if the RRF didn’t pass. Obviously more cash makes everything easier when running a business but what issues specifically are you running in to (staffing, revenue, cost of goods, all of the above)? My apologies if I’m being too personal but I’m partnering with a couple of guys from work who are trying to open a restaurant and more info is always better.

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Have you thought about a kickstarter or GoFundMe page as a bridge?

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Oh man, that is bad news. Sorry to hear. Hopefully things will work out.

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Sport about the bad news brother….

Seems a lot of that is going around now a days….


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I’ve helped open up several restaurants breweries and brewpubs. Whenever I take a client the first thing I try to do is talk them out of it. It’s a hard business and a little like mining gold, you’re more likely to be sore and broke at the end of the day rather than cashing in on big nuggs

Our taproom was a big revenue driver. We’re still down 60%. Diners in Portland are still more protective than other cities and eating habits haven’t returned to normal. Add nobody wants to work anymore and to keep staff, labor costs have doubled. food costs are through the roof right now too

The RRF replenishment would have sent me half a mill grant to pay off debt we racked up staying open during the Pammy. Pre pammy we were in the black, almost debt free and were just awarded best mid sized brewery in Oregon

Post pammy I have a million dollars in EIDL debt, burning cash every month and just hoping the summer stays nice, wild fires don’t shut us down for weeks and theres not some crazy resurgence of the plague

The other thing that doesn’t help is about half the breweries in town did get the first go around on the RRF. Even though I applied early and it was supposed to be first come first serve, the SBA made a mess of the process. How can we compete with a contemporary brewery that received help when we didn’t. They had cash to lower overhead, pay higher wages, implement benefits, secure hop contracts. The government didn’t just dangle a carrot. They picked winners and losers


Brother, there are means by which you can get a lot of (in some cases all of it) excused. I’m not positive on the specifics (you probably already know), but if not…check into it.

Hate that shit.

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Well you’re in good company…