Giants' 100th season to begin on offseason 'Hard Knocks'



I was going to ask who tf is gonna watch that outside of New York? I predict a top 5 pick for the Giants next year.

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Which team would you be interested in watching outside of the lions? I’d have absolutely watched the chargers.

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Miami, JAX, Chargers or Buff.

KC, Baltimore, Steelers, Phily, LAR, Bears, Packers

They should pay Wink to drop by to spice things up

Of all of those teams listed, I think the only one eligible to be forced to do it is Chicago (which admittedly would have been much better). Any team that has made the playoffs the past two seasons can’t be forced to do it, which eliminates the vast majority. All of them in fact (Chargers are also eliminated due to new coach).

My hunch is the Giants volunteered. I can’t see the league missing an opportunity to force the Bears onto it. And honestly screw them. I don’t want to watch the fukcing Bears.

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