Giants agree to terms with Matt Nelson


Comp picks? :smirk:

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1 year 8 million cmon do it

It all comes down to Matt Nelson, Charles Harris , and WIll Harris for us to get comp picks

Good for Nelson. Glad he found a team. For a former Dlinemen he’s managed to have a nice little career in the nfl.

Backup swing tackle is a need for us. Nelson has beat out Skipper 2 years in a row. Skipper is a nice story but we don’t want him playing tackle if Deck or Sewell gets hurt.



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When Reynolds signs we are still down 2 for comp picks.

3 if we sign a CB lol

I stopped worrying about it when we signed Reader. It was either one more plus FA or comp picks. Time to go for it, so happy with Reader.

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Still holding out hope for Nelson to get 8 mil

Will Harris 7 mil

Charles Harris 3 mil

…No I’m not actually

Schoen on you crazy Diamond!

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