Giants looking to trade down

I don’t think this affects us other than a team coming up to get Okudah or Simmons. Might make a team want to jump ahead of the Giants in fear they are coming for a QB.

That could be right. Hope so.

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Since this topic is about trades I thought I’d slide this in here. Eisen and Jeremiah talking about how realistic trade down options are for the Lions. I assume the same applies to the Giants for the most part.

Giants trading down escalates a bidding war for our pick at 3. LAC FOMO by letting MIA grab a QB at 3 and then someone like the Raiders or JAX move to 4 to pimp LAC.

Price is going up!


I find the whole “what are you hearing” premise to be silly. If teams are doing their jobs nobody is hearing anything of value.

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Jeremiah says the reason why I fully believe Okudah will be the pick. (Not the pick I want, but who I think we’re targeting) New England always appeared to value DB’s more then DL. They “build their D back to front.” They absolutely value those safeties and corner’s over there.
Guess it’s not bad overall. When we take Okudah, and he’s mediocre to bad for his first season, we can get a new GM/coach in here, and that guy’ll have a quality prospect at CB who’s already taken his lumps for one season.

I get why Detroit fans want to trade down. I don’t get why anyone wanting a QB would want to move up to #3.

All this trade down talk is based on Washington going with Young. If I was a team that needed to get a QB, I’d be talking to Cinci or Washington, not Detroit. If I was looking at getting the 2nd best QB, I’d be talking to Washington or Giants, not Detroit. Why trade up to #3 when you get the same player by trading to #4 (and paying less). The Giants are in a great trade down position. If both Washington and Detroit don’t trade down, they have ultimate leverage. The would even get Miami to offer up something.

Best case scenario is Washington going OT. That gives Detroit the option of trading down for someone that wants the best defensive player OR the 2nd best QB.

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Except if you have a TD deal in place at 4, and someone moves into 3, you just got sniped. Same applies for Washington being the target instead of us, so I think teams who are looking to trade up are setting up contingent deals all along that 2-4 ladder, if WSH/DET/NYG are amenable.


Exactly - With both DET and the NYG as willing trade partners it becomes hard for Mia to sit pat at 5.


For the sake of argument, let’s assume the trade chart is real and everyone sticks to it all the time (I realize it isn’t but just for this discussion, assume it is).

3 = 2200
4 = 1800
5 = 1700

The best value for a team is trying to get to #4 if they want a QB. Everyone knows (except a few Stafford haters) that Detroit & New York aren’t looking for a QB. Most people figure Miami is.

A team trying to beat Miami to a pick is likely to have to give up less than 2200 points as anything over 1800 would be a great deal for NY. Anything under 2200 would be considered a bad deal for Detroit.

Giving New York 2100 points is still cheaper than the 2200 for Detroit. So even if 2 teams get into a bidding war, it isn’t until the price gets to 2200 that they would even call Detroit.

So for Detroit to even be in the QB trade down discussion, at least 2 teams have to fall in love with a QB that they are willing to get into a bidding war for over 2200 points. I just don’t see that happening. 1 team, maybe. If they are that in love, they spend the 2600 and go up to 2. If they aren’t that solid, they look at spending 1900-2000 to move up to 4. If they are even softer than that, they just let things play out and may end up getting the guy they wanted for significantly less draft capital.

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It’s logical, makes sense.

I’m not sure logic is the driving force in QB bidding war trade downs though. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Should be fun to watch.

For that matter, Anything would be fun to watch at this point…

It’s going to be interesting
Basically that one GM said the mocks are clueless this year
That could be awesome for the Lions or they’re stuck at three
I don’t believe the NFL is on the Tua hype train
Now that could mean 2 teams are going to fight for the #2 QB scraps this year
That could mean Washington is going OT
I much prefer the scenario where the mocks are way off

I agree. We can always hope there is another dumb team like Chicago to trade up and get a guy they probably could have traded down and still gotten.

My “ideal” draft would be a trade down and still getting Simmons.

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Fans always get excited about the trade down. Then the next year those extra picks turn out to be Teez Tabor type players.


I would agree with that statement, but my follow up would be…and then it never happens.

Has Quinn ever traded “down” for more picks? I truly can’t remember.

He’s turned down trade backs. He turned them down when he drafted Ragnow and turned them down last year when he drafted Hockenson.

I think he locks on a player and won’t budge. Hockenson was wearing Lion King socks for crying out loud he knew he was going to be the pick.

I wanted Josh Allen or a trade back. Denver offered the 20th pick and at least a 2nd rounder. I did my mock along side of the draft. I took the trade. In mine I had Montez Sweat, A.J. Brown, and David Montgomery. I like having 3 swings compared to two.