Giants officially name Daniel Jones starter

I love it! We will have 5 full games of film on him when we face the Giants. And as another side note about that game, the Giants face the Cowboys on MNF the following week…so hopefully they’ll be good and distracted.

The future is now in the Big Apple.

The New York Giants announced Tuesday that rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will start at quarterback.

The move sends two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning to a backup and mentor role behind the No. 6 overall pick.

“Eli and I spoke this morning,” coach Pat Shurmur said Tuesday in a statement. “I told him that we are making a change and going with Daniel as the starter. I also talked to Daniel. Eli was obviously disappointed, as you would expect, but he said he would be what he has always been, a good teammate, and continue to prepare to help this team win games. Daniel understands the challenge at hand, and he will be ready to play on Sunday.”

The news came a day after Shurmur opened the door Monday for a possible quarterback change. It didn’t take long for Big Blue to make the franchise-altering move.

With the Giants sitting at 0-2 to start the season, it was inevitable the rookie would take the reins. The Jones-era will now begin earlier than many expected, beginning with Sunday’s tilt versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jones impressed during preseason action, completing 85.3 percent of his 34 passes for 416 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and a 12.2 yards-per-attempt average. Fumbles were an issue for the rookie in the preseason (three, losing two), and in his brief appearance in Week 1. Jones displayed accuracy to all levels of the field during the preseason, an ability to manage the pocket, mobility, and the mental acumen to succeed in the pressure of New York.

Turning to the rookie in Week 3, the Giants hope the first-round quarterback can help lift a listless offense. With a receiver corps missing several key players, Manning’s passing attack looked limp through two weeks of the season. In Sunday’s home loss to the Buffalo Bills, Manning completed just one of his first seven passes, and finished the game with 250 yards on TD toss and two interceptions.

Beyond bursts from Saquon Barkley, Big Blue’s offense has been stuck in the mud. Turning to Jones early could provide a needed spark. At the very least, the rookie should be able to make more happen with his feet, which is something the Giants’ offense needs at this stage.

“Ultimately, this is a move that I felt was best for this team at this time,” Shurmur said. “I have said it since I got here, I am very fond of Eli. His work ethic, his preparation, his football intelligence. All those attributes are as good as I have ever seen in a player. And Eli worked as hard as you could ask of anybody to get ready for this season. This move is more about Daniel moving forward than about Eli.”

It’s the second time the Giants have moved Manning to the bench in the past three years. Back in 2017, then-coach Ben McAdoo attempted to move on from an ineffective Manning in the middle of the season, naming Geno Smith the starter, ending Manning’s consecutive starts streak. The move lasted just one week before Eli was back under center.

This year’s change should be more permanent.

Eli would be a good teammate? ask the chargers about that one.

It’s not surprising, but it never ceases to amaze me how dumb teams are about this sort of thing, and I normally subscribe to the “you’re not smarter than the HC” philosophy. Bottom line is if they had any thought at all that he would start, they should have made him the starter the day before camp and gave him every snap. This “Eli is the guy” and he’s gone 2 games in is silly.

Guessing Eli will be the starter again in a few weeks. Not sure the rookie will make it thru October. Crazy and awesome that the Jets and Giants are in complete disarray at the same time again.

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No “Trade for Eli and replace Stafford threads/comments???”

People here must REALLY not think much of Eli :rofl:

If he gets hurt I can see it. But outside of that, I think this move is for the rest of the season regardless of how Jones plays.

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I agree.

I think this is them basically throwing in the towel on Eli and saying one of two things will happen

  1. We are terrible this year…but the rookie gets experience and we end up with high draft picks

  2. Jones shocks everybody and we have a decent season and he gets experience.

Either way I think it is now Jones’ franchise until he proves he can’t handle it and he has this season and at least next to prove that. If by the end of season 2 he is not showing he will be the man they are drafting another QB.

But I don’t see them going back to Eli barring injury to Jones

Eli sure aged quickly. He’s been crap for 3-4 years. Good for NYG fans!

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The writing was on the wall on draft day.

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Maybe Miami or some QB needy team will trade for him.

The GM is over his head and has put an inferior team together. That’s definitely not good for Giants fans.

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Arent they doing everything possible to land Tua?

Reminds me of the onion article before the draft

Get Coughlin on the phone, trade Ramsey for Eli and a 1st…everybody happy

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Yes, I was predicting PAIN for Jones. Rookies tend to hold on to the ball a lot longer than experienced veterans. Not a good recipe for someone thrown to the wolves with next to nothing in regards to WR weapons. You can’t just hand off to Barkley 50 times a game. I’m thinking it’s going to look a lot like Siemian Monday night for the Jets, right up until they turned his ankle into a pretzel.

Remind me, I’m drawing a blank… Several years there was a solid vet that was benched for a rookie, and then later the rook was either hurt or sucked, and they tried to send the vet back in and he either refused or jawed at the coach about it. I want to say Favre, but I don’t think so.