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Let us see the Compensation for this one

This is a Panthers beat reporter btw


Very curious. The Rams offered 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder in 2022 for Burns before the deadline.

Wheres the Jags beat writer saying LIONS TRADE FOR JOSH ALLEN

1st in 2024
2nd and 3rd in 2025

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Considering circumstances, and their lack of negotiating power

If they lucky, both of the Giants 2nd’s this draft

This could end up being a better deal if they get #6OA. Rams picks are likely to be 19 and then somewhere in the 20s.

I saw this earlier and apparently this year’s 2nd was the one under discussion, though I’m sure it will also take more than that.

A 2nd and a 5th!!!

The Panthers might be the worst organization in pro sports history after turning down two 1s.

They’re getting less than he’s worth because the team trading for him has to turn around and pay him big money.

Burns is excellent but I think he is a step above the elite. Not many teams are going to give up a draft haul, plus have to pay that contract unless you are among the best at your position in the league.

They still could’ve had two first round picks from the Rams who obviously either didn’t care about paying him, or didn’t care to pay him.

That’s a monster contract which I’m sure brought down the compensation somewhat but gotta admire the Giants for going for it. The problem is that their offense blows and they just blew their wad on defense. It would be akin to Holmes trading for Davante Adams

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How many teams were going to pay Burns 30mil AAV. He’s the 2nd highest paid edge defender in the league ahead of multiple DPOY winners.

Thats why they got what they got.

Oh yeah they blew that one. You gotta trade a guy like that when his value is at his peak (time left on his contract and still relatively young). By waiting they botched it.

That kind of move is exactly why some teams can’t extend their own players. I think Giants are in desperation mode and they’re GM/HC need to win now.

Well good luck to them. They should be in “find an identity now” mode

Yup which they don’t have. I’m glad we’re in a much better place.