Giants WR/TE Darren Waller to retire

Darren’s career has always been interesting to me. He was a big WR coming out of college. The Ravens took him in the 6th round. When he failed at WR the Ravens moved on. In Oakland he failed as a WR, so they gave him a “TE” label and played him at WR. He had (2) good seasons and then quickly came back down to earth. There were also some injuries that derailed the end of his career. Calling him a TE instead of a WR…even though he was still playing WR…was a brilliant move by Oakland and Waller cashed in because of it.


Not as much as if they had labeled him a WR.

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@Doctor_Love Darren’s career was nothing until he became a Dry Waller. The power of the trades!


You seem to thrive on the wrong type of attention.

I guess making bad jokes is better than starting fires…

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I guess.

Maybe you shouldn’t be my bad joke muse then.

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On March 15, 2023, Waller was traded to the New York Giants for a compensatory 2023 third-round pick (which the Raiders used to select Tre Tucker) that was previously traded from the Kansas City Chiefs in the Kadarius Toney trade.

That’s a lot for a declining rental.

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Dude was a fantasy football stud for a couple years. Injuries caught up though