Gibbs and Campbell - Twentyman In The Huddle


Imagine, lif and Jamo wide, Sun God in the slot, and Gibbs in the backfield…hang on Gibbs runs out wide. 3, 4.3 guys outside and St. Brown up the middle.:laughing:
Somebody’s open deep, and is probably going to score.


Or even - catch a 10 yard ball and go house embarrassing people along the way.

Scary. I love you Jamo but god ■■■■■■■ dammit… Not a proud parent right now.

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We will see it all, bro. Johnson is losing sleep over excitement of the new plays. LOL

Completely agree → I still think Gibby is gonna be the main offensive threat that will have ppl shitting their pants…though we have many. OL & RBs are gonna set it up so well for QB & WRs.

Gibby says → Lions will use me more at WR than I played at 'Bama

He’s gonna puke when he has to speak in front of the team though. LOL. He is painfully shy.


Right of passage and bet he nails it. They draft football / team dudes. He’ll hate it, but he’ll do it and the team will love him for it.

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For sure. he will have already won the players over by the time it gets to that too…his work ethic commands respect.


100%. 10 to 1 we hear a story about him starting to stay after practice with ASB and Kalif to hit the juggs. It’s just who he is.

Yup - Look at the wiring of Monty too. Our RBs are very “no b.s.” energy. LOL. Allllllll business

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Going to be a great room. Scott Montgomery has to be one of the happiest men on the planet right now.

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